Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Make Money Blogging Without Spending Money?

Can A blog Make Money without spending money?

I think most people would love to start Making Money money from their Blog or website without having to go and spend  any money to begin with.  You could go and set a free Blog with Blogger or WordPress or one of the other platforms that offer a free service.  

Then you would only need to put some Adsense Code on your site,   and away you go.   Then you could just write regular quality posts,  and somewhere down the road,  you may start to make Money money with Google's Adsense ads.   

How long will you be waiting?  Well,  it could take you quite some time before you even see any Money coming in.  And let's be serious here!  We are not talking about making a few dollars,  we are talking about whether or not you can make some decent monthly payments,  without having to spend big.
 It's a time versus money question!  
 Would you rather spend all your spare time hoping to one day have a successful blog,  or would you prefer to spend some money to reach your path to successful blogging in a much shorter amount of time?   
  The reality is it would be very hard to make a decent amount of money unless you were willing to invest a fair amount of money,  to give your site the best chance of succeeding. 

Successful Blogs Spent Money:Lot's of Money! 

Notice I said SPENT money!  Meaning they have been spending a considerable amount of Money from the early days of their Blogs and websites.  

The Successful Blogs and websites out there have spent a lot of time and just as much money,  to get their sites to the level of success they now enjoy today.  

 If you ever read enough about those top Bloggers,  and listen closely,  you will know that they have spend a large sum of money in many areas,  to ensure that their Blogs or websites reach a great level of success. 

They would have put in a lot of time building up a decent following,  probably just as much time tweaking their blog site getting it up to par.

Though, The fact still remains that,  to get to the sort of success they have climbed to,  it  would have to come at quite a considerable financial cost.  This aspect is sometimes overlooked when discussing their success.

When we visit Blogs and websites we always hear about "How much Money these successful Bloggers are earning.   We also hear the usual topics such as SEO,  Quality content,  social networking,  Keywords, etc.
Though,  from time to time these Bloggers give you some insight into the overall amount of money spent.
  You soon realize that they have in fact spent a lot of cash to get to that to where they are..

New Bloggers Looking To Make Money
 If you have been caught up with all the hype(You know!  " follow these simple steps and you to will become a Super Successful Blogger in no Time" .

Sadly the internet is flooded with so many sites,  that say they have " the magic formula " to making Money online through Blogging.

The truth is,  " there is no magic formula for Blogging success.  No hidden keys.  No secret codes. 

This is the hardest part for new Bloggers,  and more experienced Bloggers as well.

We all want the quick and easy way,   without spending any money if possible. The reality of success online with your website or Blog,  is the the complete opposite! 

  No   "Income on autopilot"  nor "Multiple Streams of income on a continuous basis.    
Well,  not yet anyway.   

For those considering leaving their day job and taking the huge risk of Blogging to support themselves,  it would be wise to stick to your day job whilst working extra hard on your Blog in your spare time.

At least if you have a job,  you can then invest money into your site to give it the best possible chance of success.

How much will you need to spend?   Well,  that is something that only you can decide on.

Why not leave your thoughts on how much you think you would need to spend to really succeed in Blogging.

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Google Ranking Penalty : How to Know If You've Been Hit

When Google's Ranking Penalty Hits It Can Hurt!

Within the past few months I have been hit(twice) by what looks like a Google Ranking penalty.
Unlike the Google sand box Penalty or being banned by Google(that's the biggest penalty I would think)  when you receive a Google Ranking penalty like I have been hit with,  your  site is still active and you can still work hard to try to make a full( recovery.) 

Though,  it will take a lot of time and effort to get back to where you were before.

When you get a Google Ranking Penalty slap,  you may notice a major drop in the way your website or blog is performing.

Whilst doing my usual SEO work to improve my Google search engine Ranking,  I noticed a lot of Analytics data showed something quite dramatic took place. 

Here's the crazy part!  I don't do link exchanges or any so called "Black hat"  SEO,  so I can only guess that I have what I think is called a " Link devaluation Penalty"

What is a Link devaluation Penalty?

I am not 100% certain though,  going by an Article(and really nice info-graph) on Seomoz by Rand Fishkin : "How to Handle a Google Penalty'      if you are hit with a link Devaluation Penalty,  Google takes away the link juice(value ) from links to your website(or pages).

So basically your high ranking posts(pages) would lose their Authority(Link value)  causing those pages to crash out of the top Google search Ranking results(Sometimes way down in the results).

So after all that hard work on your website and after spending hours every day  doing Keyword research to rank at the top of Google   you can lose most of your gains due to a Google Penalty.

Google Never Tell's Why or How You Were Penalized

Another lesson I learned really fast,  is that Google will never tell you how you were penalized regarding your Rankings,  or why.  I went to a few of the main Google forums hoping to find at least some form of explanation,  though,  I just got the usual " Best SEO Practices"  mantra that you would find on most SEO websites.  

The responses came from "well meaning" forum participants {Regular website and blog people like us)yet,  there was not a single word from any Google staff.   

Part of the theory I hear often is that Google is worried that if they give details"The how & why" of your websites Google Ranking penalty,   certain people{Black hat seo) will try to reverse engineer this data for their own advantage. 

Thankfully Google did not hit my site as hard as I have seen them do to other sites. I have seen some really nice sites,  yet they are ranking nowhere,  and are struggling to get traffic.  These sites do seem to have a lot of affiliate type links on them,  which is probably the reason why they were hit so hard.  

So it's back to my usual "Google friendly" SEO practices,  and hopefully one day I will get a much clearer picture of the "How & Why" behind the Google Ranking Penalty that " was" placed on my site.

If you have been hit by a Google Ranking Penalty,  or just wish to talk about this topic let me know your thoughts in a comment. 

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pdates and more!

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Google Search Engine Ranking - How Important is It?

What are the benefits of Ranking High in Google Search?    

Does reaching page one for Google search terms make any real difference?   It makes a huge difference!
So it's important that you don't make the mistake of neglecting just how important it is. Make every effort you can to get your blog or website to the top of the Google search engine rankings.

 If you can reach Page one,  especially on top of page one, in the Search Engine Rankings for your Blog or Website,  you will be almost guaranteed to have a great increase in your site Traffic.
You should also  find many other benefits coming your way for reaching page one in Google search.

Why I say it is good if you reach up on the top pages in the Google Search results,  is because from there you have a great chance of hitting page one.  And then you can have a shot a getting your blog or website up on the first spot of page one,  or in the first three positions.

Remember! Most people only look at the first page when doing a Google search for some piece of information. Yes,  many people do go through the next few pages on occasion, but it is a accepted fact that the top page(Page One) gets the most traffic.  Which really makes sense!

If you have first spot for a high quality,  high volume Exact keyword term,  you will be getting about 35%---45% of all the traffic for that search term. Most of the other 55% will be shared by the other websites on that first page.
It is not much good reaching the Top of the Search Rankings for some Broad term keywords.
Many Keywords have almost no value(SEO Value) for getting traffic to your site(You will get one or two visitors at best).  So do your Keyword Research for reaching page one Ranking for Google. 

An important tip: Even if your webpages are way down in Google search,  you can always do a number of things to give them a boost in the rankings.  One of the best things to do to improve your ranking for your older posts ,  is to give them a polish up.  A simple clean up of those older posts can give them a huge lift in the Google search Engine rankings.

Tips to help in Achieving Page One Search Engine Ranking

I think we will all Agree that to get your Blog and Website Post pages at the Top of the Search Engine rankings,  can make a huge difference for your site.  How do we go about achieving Page one for Google Search( and other search engines) ?

Now you have done your Keyword Research,  you have found some decent(and not too difficult) Keywords to go after Page one for Google search,  what next?

Here are some things to do to help guide your Blog or Website towards achieving improvements in your  Search Engine Ranking.
Firstly,  we need to make sure we are seeing our REAL search engine ranking.  
Sometimes when we see our Blog and Website pages on page one or possibly page two,   they are not really in those positions at the top of the search engines. Every time you do a Google search,  that  information is being added to your own personal Search Habits.  Google then changes the search  patterns to suit your Search habits.  So you end up seeing your own cached search results. 

Sometimes your pages are higher,  and sometimes they are lower.  I did some tests recently and found many of my pages Search Engine Rankings were Not what was being shown in Google Search.

Here are some quick and easy ways to ensure that you are seeing your real Page Ranking in Google Search?

(a). Write Quality content to Improve Google Ranking

Content is King!  Ah,  haven't we all heard that about a trillion times(Okay, I did over do it).
Well,  we are told that Quality content is the number one way of achieving success with your website,  and reaching a higher Google search ranking.  We are told that Google loves Quality content.

The truth is,  if you look at hundreds of websites(Different topics)  that are Ranking high,   you will start to realize that WHAT GOOGLE CALLS QUALITY CONTENT,   can vary quite a lot.

You have sites that look like literary classics,  competing against sites that look like poor quality spam sites.  

Ask any Person using the web " What would you call quality content"?  you would get so many different examples it would make your head spin.

Don't get too concerned about " What is Quality content"? Keep your posts Clear and easy to understand(Avoid using complex words and terms---I made that mistake before).
If you ask a million people " What is quality content"?  you will probably hear most people telling you the same or very similar things like  " Great writing skills, Posts that provide helpful information, Posts that will make an impact,  good spelling and grammar"  and hundreds more. 
 Yes, they are all important and will help in your quest for achieving improved Search Engine Ranking. 

Though,  if you press a little further you may find that most people are not at all sure what quality content really is.

(b). Make your content relevant to your Blog or Websites topic

Your content should be relevant to your websites main topic.  This is one of the most important factors Google uses to Rank web pages(Websites).   If your content does not match up with your blog or Websites main topic,  it may cause Ranking problems in the search Engines. > Is your Blog content Relevant?  

When Google uses it's Algorithms to look at the quality of websites( then ranking them according to this) it places a very high importance on Content Relevance,  for deciding their Search Engine Rankings. 

I think when a Blog or Website becomes quite popular(Established) this may not matter as much.

Though,  for Websites just starting out,  and those not yet established,  it is probably better to stick to what Google expects of your site.  So  it's best to keep your content relevant. 

(c). Get lot's of  links(a few high quality(PR 5,6,7) Back links) for Optimized Search Engine Ranking results

Getting plenty of Quality links to your site,  should help to lift your blog or websites Ranking.

I say quality links(High PR and also links from Education,  Government and Authority sites if possible), though you also need to Balance your links, too.

Dofollow Blogs and Websites are an easy way of getting some links to your site.  Just Go to some Dofollow sites and make quality comments(Not spam comments) and you will get a Backlink to your site.  You also get the chance to promote your website (by leaving a link to your most recent post) .

Here's a link to a great site called Traffic Generation Cafe by Ana Hoffman,  where you can pick up a great Dofollw Blog finding tool.

Traffic Generation cafe -- Great Dofollow blog finding tool 

Also,  while you are over there,  take a look around on the Trafficgenerationcafe site, .  Ana has many great articles that are full of helpful advice.

As far as building your links,  It has been said that you need to balance the number of DoFOLLOW and No FOLLOW links to your site.

Apparently,  if you have too many of either(I don't know how Google decide what is too many)  it can affect your websites search engine ranking,  and also your sites PR.

Also,  with link building,  you need to have a balance of links from PR 0----to PR 10.

It's hard to get PR 10 or even PR 9 links, though it is worth trying to do so.

So our goal is to get our website and blog pages ranked on page one in Google search results,  for high quality keywords(High volume).
Being consistently on the first page in Google Search brings plenty of  traffic to your site. The chances of you getting a lot of links, including some  high quality (PR 5,6, 7) Back links should increase dramatically now you are regularly up at the top of Google Search and getting far more traffic? 
It makes a lot of sense!   Think of it as THE SNOWBALL EFFECT!

Here's some other things you can do that "should " help you to achieve high traffic flow to your Blog(Website) and to get your pages ranked high (near) the top of Google search........

(I put that first as I have had this experience in the past whereby due to my messing around with my site,  I accidentally removed(disabled) a large number of links.

This caused a number of problems for my Blog(Website) Broken Links Internal and External)  could have a devastating affect on the  flow of traffic both to your Blog(Website),  and through your linked pages.

This could result in a drop in your Google Page Rank and your results in Google Search.

Think of all the wasted time,  money and effort!

NOTE:  There are a number of Free Broken link Checker programs(Some for online checking,  others you download the program).

After way to many contrasting results with the online versions,  I went and downloaded a totally free program called  "Xenu's Link Sleuth".

Amazingly,  this program does far more than many of the bigger name companies(As far as their Broken Link Checkers are concerned)
Here's the Link: Xenu's Link Sleuth

UPDATE ON LINK SLEUTH:    I tested it on a  reasonably large site,  and it took  a heap of time to complete the job.  It may have been the way that site was configured or something else.

So,  if you try Link Sleuth,  let me know how it goes for you.


So you have filled your pages with great content. You have made sure your pages appearance is set up so your visitors can easily navigated both on that page,  and throughout your site.You have made every effort to make the pages appealing to your visitors(Make your pages easy on the eyes)  Now you are hoping that your website will be getting a ton of visitors(Or at least a decent increase).

Here is a link to an article that shows some things you can do to increase traffic to your website.
Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic.
The more effort you put in to lift the quality of your websites content,  combined with consistently applying  appropriate SEO methods,  the result should be a much higher Google Page Ranking and being on top of Google for search terms.

If Your visitors land on your site and are confronted with a mish mash(Mess) of information,  they will probably leave ASAP(And more importantly,   probably not wish to return to your site).


Poor quality pages will mean High Bounce rate% (Time spent on pages  and return visits to your site)will be far Less)worse.

Here's a link to an article by Chris Crum  over at Web Pro News  discussing the possibilities of how your Bounce rate may be affecting traffic to your site(It discusses how Google may be making it's Page ranking decisions partly according this) 

Here is another article showing how a high bounce rate% seems to have caused my sites ranking to perform really poorly

There  were other factors as well.  Though,  I did some investigating and received a report(Showing SEO factors affecting my site)it said " my high bounce rate,  was one of the main factors causing my site to perform badly.

(3) KEYWORDS AND BACK LINKS ( for improved Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

Yes,  I already mentioned both Back-links and Keywords.  They are so important I thought I would mention them again.

You are told to (get a large number of back links)and (do keyword research then apply the best keywords for one particular purpose. To achieve your highest possible Page Ranking.

Back links and Key Words,  are the two major components essential to obtaining success with your efforts to achieve top search engine ranking.

If you go to any of the known blogs and you will hear all about how one person or another,  has achieved a higher page ranking,  by doing intensive work CREATING A HUGE AMOUNT OF BACK LINKS( a decent number) And having spent an enormous amount of time on KEYWORD RESEARCH(and application)reaching the top page Ranking for Google search terms.


When someone does a search,  and your pages show up at the top of the first page result,   it should be an almost 100% certainty that your page will have plenty of visitors.  

This should result in a High Google Page Ranking

                                    Higher Google Page ranking       
                     equals greater success for your blog or website.
This would mean that those webmasters who can get their pages consistently up near the top,  would be first choice for the vast majority of traffic(Well,  again in theory,  anyway).

They would have a monopoly over a great deal of the market(visitors,  clients,  customers) through being amongst the first choices.

So without a doubt working towards improved Google search engine ranking matters! Hopefully the information I have provided in this article will help you on your path of achieving this.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on the importance of  " reaching page one in the Google search engine Rankings" 

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How Relevant Is Your Blog or Website Content?

 Make your Blog or Website content Relevant.

We hear it said often that Google expects your blog and Website content to be relevant content.
Google uses Content relevance as one of it's main factors in ranking Websites,  both in Page Rank(PR) and for selecting which Websites to rank high in Google search results,  for particular search terms.

Here's a small snippet from Wikipedia that describes Relevance

Something (A) is relevant to a task (T) if it increases the likelihood of accomplishing the goal (G), which is implied by T." (Hjørland & Sejer Christensen,2002)[1].

A thing might be relevant, a document or a piece of information may be relevant. The basic understanding of relevance does not depend on whether we speak of "things" or "information.
That's a pretty straight forward explanation.

I highlighted the first part as this section includes a simple formula which means:

A(something) whether information, knowledge or physical(Material)  is relevant to the T(task) the goal  /  chore / job / aim /  problem,  if it increases the likelihood of accomplishing the goal(G)  which is implied by T(the task).

So basically our Website or Blog Content should provide content that is useful in solving a problem,  or answering a question or guiding someone towards possible solutions.

According the Merriam Webster Dictionary,  there are three main ways the term Relevant can be applied. 

(a).  Having a significant and demonstrable bearing on the matter at hand.

(b).  Affording evidence tending to prove or disprove the matter at issue or under discussion <Relevant testimony>

(c).   Having social relevance. 

If you asked highly successful blog and website owners "What content should I provide"?  the most common answer would probably be " You should be trying to provide answers(solutions) to peoples problems"! 

Remember Google takes relevant Blog and Website content quite seriously.

Google currently ranks Relevant content(Content Relevance) at around No: 3(changes slightly + - with each Google Algorithm update)  out of hundreds of other Google search engine ranking factors. 

So if we wish to establish an Authority website or Blog by building a strong social presence on the web(in our niche) we should spend more time making sure our sites contain plenty of high quality,  relevant content.   

Feel free to leave your thought on the importance of Relevant website content..
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Market Samurai SEO Keyword Tool - Down But Not Out

Market Samurai Software in Recovery Mode

The very popular and one of the best SEO Keyword Research Tool Market Samurai has been hit by some serious performance issues lately,   mainly it's popular Rank Tracker Tool.
Here's the link to a very interesting article by Eugene Ware over at Noble Samurai regarding the future of Market Samurai.

Eugene also mentions that Google has made some significant technical changes recently,  and this has affected  Market Samurai's ability to collect data. 

After reading through the article it seems that most of the features of Market Samurai will soon be running fine,  with the exception of the Rank Tracker Tool.  Prior to the problems with Market Samurai's Rank tracker,  you could enter as many of your target keywords as you wished.

You could then check those targeted keywords by setting your search depth up to around 1000 places in Google search.(to see where your related webpages rank).

How Will These Changes Affect Market Samurai Users?

Now you can only use around ten keywords at a time(maximum suggested by Noble Samurai staff) and you can only check with a search depth of 100 places in Google search.

Another important factor that is mentioned in the article is that,   the Market Samurai Rank Tracker Module is set to become a paid tool on it's own(A monthly payment) if you wish to have the fully functional version of this module(similar to or better than the original Rank Tracker before the current problems)

Though the monthly charges have not been made clear,  there are many Market Samurai users(Who paid the one off payment to purchase the software) who are now very upset by this announcement.

Market Samurai Users Are Voicing Their Opinions

There are some very strong views out on the web regarding this major change to the Market Samurai Software. Many people have said that the change to a monthly charge for using the Rank Tracker Feature,  is just a money making scam by the makers of the Market Samurai Software.

Others webmasters,  Internet Marketers,  etc who use Market Samurai are still happy to use the software either opting to use a different tool to do their rank tracking or pay the monthly charge for using Market Samurai's updated Rank Tracking tool(When it's finally released).

For me personally,  being a paid user of Market Samurai I will just continue to use the other Modules in Market Samurai and possibly use their free limited rank tracker tool(If they provide one) or just go and use another tool to check my Keyword and related page Rankings.

I find Market Samurai to be very helpful for what I need to do,  so I can still get plenty of quality usage from the software.

I had been using the Market Samurai Rank Tracker Module nearly every day,  prior to these problems.
To be quite honest some of the data(rankings) were very accurate,  other times I was told I was ranking for keywords that I could not find in the Google search results.

My Advice for SEO Keyword Research

The best advice I can give is to use a variety of tools both free and paid,   so you can then measure the results and see which combination of tools works best for you.
I currently spend a lot of time using the free Google keyword tool combined with Market Samurai.

I also check data from SEO book,  SEOQuake,  Semrush, Search Status and on occasion the free tools provided from the SEO Powersuite.

There are also many other SEO and Keyword research tools out there,  both free and paid.

What are your thoughts about the changes to Market Samurai? 

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Why Does Google Analytics Track my Own Page views?

Help! stop Google Analytics Tracking my Pageviews!

Many people have said they needed help with Google Analytics to stop tracking their own Blog or website page visits.
There are a number of methods being offered on the internet.  Some work,  many others simply do not,  no matter how many times you try Google Analytics continues to track your Page views.

First off I will give you a really quick solution to help you  fix this problem that will save you having to go through all the other methods.
Before you try any other method to Help stop your own page visits showing in Google Analytics,   you need to answer one question:

The question is:  

Do you have a static IP Address or a Dynamic IP Address?  If you have a Dynamic IP Address your IP will keep changing.   So even after you go through all the hassles of excluding your IP Address,  it won't make any difference. Google Analytics will still Track your Pageviews(Page visits).

{For people who have a Static IP Address,  you should not be having  any problems.  A static IP Address does not change.}

In some parts of the world,   you need to ask your ISP(Internet Service Provider) to provide you with a static IP Address.  This could cost you extra on top of your usual fees,  as a Static IP is normally provided for Businesses.  That's why you sometimes need to let them know  if you are asking for a residential account or a Business account.

Here is a link to other helpful methods to stop tracking your own page views in both Blogger and Google Analytics.  >Stop Tracking Your Own Pageviews

One solution for dynamic IP Addresses to not track your own Page views in Google Analytics.

Google is providing an "Add a Cookie " option that seems to offer mixed results.  

You will find a method to try out for both Static and Dynamic IP Addresses.

Here is the link> Google Analytics Add a Cookie fix 

Note:  The method being offered by Google may or may not work.
There are other options being shown out on the web that involve having to go through quite a number of steps to try and get the required result.  Again going by what is being said out on the web,  these method produce mixed results.

For Dynamic IP Addresses the Fastest and most reliable way to Stop tracking your page views 

Update: 100% Working solution found to stop tracking your  pageviews  

After I noticed recently that my own page visits to my Blog were AGAIN being tracked,  I went out to look a method that works without a doubt.  I tried a number of my own edits and fixes(which worked before) but they did not work this time. 

So I went out on the web trying as many methods as I could that would help.

Finally!  This Following method works and keeps working.

Here is a link to a hubpage by Fritterritter.  > Simple method to exclude your own traffic(visits) from Google Analytics results.

Follow the instructions carefully. And remember,  you will not see results for a day or so.

If I am correct,  Google Analytics does not give you live results for your data,  that's why you need to wait for at least one day,  to be certain that Google Analytics is no longer counting your own page visits to your blog or website. 

I hope that solves the Tracking your own page-views issue for you. 


Back to post article
The fastest and easiest way to solve the Track your own page-views problems when you have a Dynamic IP Address in Google Analytics is to:
 Contact your ISP(Internet Service Provider) and ask them for the RANGE of your Dynamic IP Address.
Once your enter this information into the Filter manager option in your Google Analytics,  you will no longer be tracking your own page views.
 Update: 05/12/2011
It seems that the ISP'S(Internet Service Providers) will not provide you with the range of your Dynamic IP Address.  The people I spoke to,  said this was not possible as the GROUPS of Addresses they use for your Dynamic IP Address are being changed all the time.  So even after you enter the range of your Dynamic IP Address into Google Analytics Filter Manager,  your page views will again start being tracked the next time they change the group of Ip Addresses. 

So please go to the link provided above for the hub-page by Fritterritter as this solution has worked for me 100% without any problems.  
Remember to follow the instructions slowly and carefully,  doing exactly what is asked in the tutorial.

NOTE:  Even if you use another stat counter or Analytics tool you will still have the same problem if you have a Dynamic IP Address.  So you need to fix this problem firstly.

Give the methods above a try,  and let me know how it went for you.


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Google Search Ranking Tips: Make Your Content Google Fresh

 Google Ranks Fresh Content Higher in It's Search Engine

Something I have noticed is how quickly Google Ranks Fresh or New Content in the search engines.

Many websites have a very large number of older posts that could be "given a boost" in the search engines,  just by spending a little time editing to remove any spelling or grammar errors,  and doing a bit of polishing up of the posts content. 
 If you go through your older posts,  you will surely find some articles that could be improved by either making the posts longer to give more value to your readers,  or by cutting the posts length  if your article is WAY too long.

For the small amount of time you invest in going through your older posts and giving them a nice clean up,  you will see very positive results from your visitors,  and a lift in your Ranking in the Google search engine. 

Google Search and your Visitors Love Fresh,  Easy to Read Content

I think it is important to keep your blog post content both easy to read,  and not too long,  or too short. 

So it's important to know the best blog post length for better website search engine optimization. . 

Much of the advice from the website and blogging experts suggests  " use very simple language" when writing blog posts.

 Here are some quick tips to Make Google and your Visitors Happy.

(a).  Make your Old Posts Brand New

Working on your older posts even just making some simple changes can have give your website pages a huge lift in your Google search engine ranking.    To Freshen up your posts,  you can add some updated information to that post.  Remember that some of the information you published(Especially from years ago) may no longer apply.   So,  if you update the post you will "Put some new life into it"!

The Google Search Engine will also be very happy with you.  When Google sees you have been busily updating your content,  Mr.  Google will give you a nice little search engine ranking lift!

(b).  Are We Speaking the same Language?

Sometimes we forget that many visitors to our sites are from non English Speaking Backgrounds,  or are possibly new to the topic we are writing about.
So it would be better not to use BIG words when we could just as easily use little words(Okay! maybe not that little.)

This could have a big impact on your search engine ranking.  If your visitors can not understand your posts,  they will not stick around for long.
Note: On Tech related sites it is assumed that most visitors have at least some understanding of the websites subject(Though,  not overdoing it with the tech jargon,  may be beneficial to both the website and to it's visitors)  Io  some cases you will need to use technical terms or BIG words where you need to "Make a particular point" to a Targeted audience(usually those with advanced technical knowledge and skills) 

(c). Long Post Cure: Don't Make Google and Your Visitors Fall Asleep

I have seen some great articles on very well presented websites,  the only problem was that the articles were WAY too long. I actually got sleepy reading these articles,  and I am usually able to browse and read online for hours.  " without blinking"!

Many website Gurus will say that you should write these giant,  "make your eyes sore reading them" posts.
The theory is that these extra long posts will become foundation articles for your site. 

In truth I think if you write the occasional very long Post  this can be helpful.  Though not every single post.

(d). Short Post Cure: Don't Make Google and your Visitors say "Where is the rest of the article"?

In your quest for fresh and easy to read content,  don't get too carried away with the easy to read part!

Easy to read does not mean " Hey look!  I can read that article in 5 seconds.  That was sure easy"!
Some posts come up WAY short,  and seem to end without really giving you any worthwhile information about the posts topic.

A short post can work if it gets the message across,  and would do quite well in the search engines. Though it must provide relevant,  useful information to your readers..

Seth Godin Mastered the art of the short post on his Seth Godin Blog.  Though,  as I have mentioned before,  unless you are Seth Godin,  it may not work quite as well for you.

Something I noticed recently,   was that some really popular sites wrote many quite small articles(More medium sized articles) when they first started their websites. 

The main difference was that,  they presented the articles in a way which made them seem much longer than they actually were by using a lot of spacing,  images and more. 

So,  if a short article is done properly,  it seems that you could probably get the same results in the Google search engine as if you went and wrote a Giant post(Very long post).

Though, it seems to be very helpful to know what is the best Blog posts length that will work best for your website.

(e).  Don't Let Duplicate content  Mess up your Google ranking

It's really important to check your website for any signs of duplicate content
Google is known to punish websites very hard for having duplicate content,  so it's well worth your time spent checking your website pages. 

Duplicate content may only be one of hundreds of factors Google uses for ranking pages,  though they place a lot of weight on it.  So it's well worth your time spent checking your website pages.

So, off you go!  It's time for you to go and boost your Google search engine rankings with  your newly written,  fresh and easy to Blog content.

What's your view on freshening up your Content to Make Google's Search engine Happy?

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Keywords Research - Why You Should Learn To Love It

Proper Keyword Research is Vital for high Ranking

If there is one thing I wish I knew more about when I first started Blogging,  it's knowing just how important it is to do proper Keyword Research to rank high in Google search results.

I remember thinking at that time that,   I had Google keywords all worked out.

I thought I had  "Cracked the Google Keyword Research code" .  From then on I was going to be the " Go to man" for all keyword related information.  Yet, as I look back, I realize I wasted quite a lot of valuable time chasing keyword terms that were almost worthless in search engine value and volume.

I was using the Google Adword external keyword tool at the time,  and I thought I had it beat! .....

Thankfully,  since those early days of my Blogging,  I have learned quite a lot of important methods to make much better Keyword choices.  I now know which high quality(volume - value) keywords I have a strong chance of ranking at the top of Google search results for,  and which keywords I am going to struggle to rank well with.
So now I have learned to love doing keyword research,  mainly due to my having a greater understanding of how to do keyword research properly. 
Have I worked out a fool proof method,  an exact science of Keyword research that guarantees great results with competitive quality keyword terms?

No.  Not quite..  Though,  I am definitely getting much closer to the stage of having a really high degree of confidence with my choosing reachable high quality keywords to target.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

How To Remove ( Hide) The Navbar From A Blogger Blog

Remove(Hide) Blogger's Navbar: Quick & Easy Method

The Navbar is that bar that sits at the top of your blog.  It can make your Blogger Blog look very amateurish.  

Many people prefer to leave it on their Blog,  and that's fine.  But for those wishing to remove(hide) the Blogger Navbar,  it is quite an easy procedure.

Here's an easy way to do it.

In Your Blogger Blog.

(1) Go into Design.

(2)  Next go to Template Designer.

(3) Go to Advanced.

(4). Scroll down to Add CSS.

(5). Click your mouse in the box(the text asking you to add CSS will be removed.)

(6) Add the following  code in the top left corner of the box

Code:      #navbar-iframe {height:0px;visibility:hidden;display:none}

(7). Hit the Apply to Blog(Orange box) on the top right corner.

(8). Hit the View Blog Button to view your changes.

Congratulations!  You should now have a Blogger Blog without the Navbar at the top.

The Navbar is still there,  though it has been hidden from view.

You can also do an Html edit in the main Template designer.  But doing it this way( Add CSS code)  is by far the easiest method.

Feel free to let me know how it went for you,  or if you have any questions.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Google Keyword Ranking Success - Has It Become Harder To Achieve?

Ranking Keywords in Google May be More Difficult Now

Could getting our keywords ranked at the top of the Google search  results be even more difficult than what it has been before?  It does seem that way.  Lately I have been doing a large amount of Keyword Analysis(Research)   and I have noticed something quite strange.

I noticed that many keywords that are usually not too difficult to rank high for in Google search results(Average quality keywords--not that much Monthly volume) seem to have become much harder to rank for.  Not only this,  I also noticed that even poor quality keywords that we would normally not need to do that much work to rank well for,  now require far more work.

Maybe There's a Shift In The Usual Keyword Ranking Factors

I understand that Google's latest Algorithm update for Jan 2012 shown here on the "Search Engine Land" an article by Matt McGee  > Google's January search update  would probably have some affect on ranking results,  also on page and off page Website factors would have an influence on our Keywords(Pages) ranking results in Google search.

If we are doing as much as we can to build a a Search engine optimized Website,  we should be getting good results with our Keywords ranking in the Google search results.

The truth is,  after having done a ton of research using many different Analysis tools both online and on my PC(free and paid tools) I have definitely noticed a change in the way Google is returning search results for Target Keywords.

Google Does Plenty Of Algorithm updates:But This One?

Having noticed the affect(Or lack of affect) previous Google Algorithm updates have had on my site and also many other sites(Google made 500 algo updates in the past 12 months) this is the first time I have really seen any dramatic shifts in the way keywords are ranking in Google search results.

Remember the critical factor here is that,  even the most easy to rank for keywords are somehow not showing up in the Google search results.

It is as if Google is somehow changing it's search results using keywords as a partial factor,  along with it's many other optimization for ranking factors.
This may sound odd though, I have never seen such unusual search results when I type in a search query.

Other People have already mentioned this on their own sites or in forums.

Google has stated that it's main aim is to provide for the best(Quality and accurate) search results to compliment the search query that a person has entered.

Though,  going by many of my recent search queries(even just browsing the web) I seem to get far more non related sites(the websites article url) in the search results.

That's the opposite of what Google has said is it's core mission for returned search results.   

This does not bother me at all really,  as they are low traffic(Quality keywords) but the main point is that it shows that there is a noticeable shift in how keywords(Pages) are being ranked.

 Anyway!   All I can do for now is to do a little more Analysis and hopefully come up with " The Missing Key" that will provide a better explanation as to these unusual Keyword ranking search results.

What's your take on how your Keywords(Pages) are ranking after Google's Latest Algorithm changes?


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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Google Blogger With Custom Domain - Posts Indexed As HomePage

Custom Domain Blogger Post Titles not Showing

Since the start of February(Possibly late January)  Blogger Blogs using Custom domains(Purchased domain names) have been having a ton of problems with how their blog posts have been indexed.
Instead of the post title appearing in Google search results,  the Blog Homepage is showing( name of Blog not post title).

This is having quite a dramatic affect on many sites who have Custom Domains using Blogger.  My own site is currently experiencing the same problem,  which has resulted in a large drop in traffic and my  target keywords falling way back in the Google search results since this problem began.

What Stopped Blogger Custom Domain Post Titles Showing?

There have been a number of suggestions out on the web as to what is causing this problem.  
Anything from Google's latest Algorithm to a technical glitch(Error)  within Blogger itself.   

Some people are saying that Google is punishing sites with too many "Above the fold" ads,  or poor quality spam sites.
This does not add up as many quality sites are being affected,  also.  

One thing is for sure,  whatever is causing this problem  needs to be sorted out real soon!

 I have done a bit of testing to see if I can sort out what is causing the problem.

(1). The first thing I did was to check my website(Blog) Template code,  to make sure the code that determines how my posts appear is Google search results is still in place.  

Result:  No problem with the template code.

(2).  Next I went into my Google Webmaster tools to check how the posts(urls)  appear using the " Fetch a Google bot" tool.

Result:   The page(Posts) are reachable and appear okay.   

Something Did Standout In Google Webmaster Tools!

I noticed that my Post(Page) urls that I found with "Fetch a Google bot"  are not showing as Indexed in other vital areas of the Webmaster Tools Consul.

There is no sign of those posts(Pages) in my search queries or top pages in Search queries.
Also the pages should show up in the "Crawl errors restricted by robot text" section,  though, they are not.

They(Or at least your post labels or tags) should show up in the "restricted by robot text" section,  as your Webmaster tools needs to block your post labels(Tags) or you will end up with duplicate content issues.

Another thing is that with the new Google webmaster tools consul there is no longer a re- submit website url's option( Not sure why but I have re- submitted url's before and they later showed up in Google search results).
Maybe that was just a coincidence and my pages were being indexed around the same time.  Who knows! 

It has been over two weeks since my Posts started Showing in the Google search results as my home page  

Get Post Titles Showing In Google Search Results

There are many websites and forums having some great discussions about the Blogger Custom domain post title problems.  There is a very interesting thread that I am following over at Google Webmaster Central forum Google stop Indexing new blog posts. 

After going through all the comments in that Webmaster Central discussion,  it seems that some blogs are now getting their pages(posts) titles indexed though many others are still waiting.  

There are some suggestions in that thread that make it very clear that,  standard Blogger blogs are working just fine,  but the custom domain Blogger blogs are the ones being affected.

This rules out any suggestions that the latest Google Algorithm had somehow caused this problem,  as blogspot blogs would also be affected along with other Blogging platforms(Website platforms).

For now all we can do is wait and see if Google or the Google Blogger team,   can come up with a solution.


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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Can You Make Money with Google Adsense?

Is Google Adsense Still a Good Money Making Choice?

Recently I have done a fair bit of searching through the web,  reading articles(Posts) in relation to Google Adsense and just how effective,  or ineffective Adsense really is.

I was quite surprised to see such a wide variation in results being achieved.
Some sites using Adsense with major amounts of traffic and good ad management,  were only making a small amount of money.

There are a number of factors which come into play when trying to make the most money out of Adsense.

(a). Ad placement and choice of ad design----adding Adsense ad channels to help you monitor your individual ads performance). So you can make adjustments to improve your Google Ads Money making potential.

(b). The Niche(Subject the website---blog is about) can make a huge difference in your Adsense Earnings.
Some topics are better suited to Adsense as the ads provided for THAT topic will have higher earning potential.

(c). The overall amount of optimization(on page--off page) that you apply to your website can also make a big difference in your chances of earning more through your Google Adsense ads.

(d).  Also,   how much promotion and marketing is being applied to help in the success of the website.

Still,   there are many sites that are putting in a lot of work to optimize their websites to get the most out of their Adsense units(Ads)  yet they are hardly seeing any reward for their work.

going by many of the results people are getting,  unless you have a great amount of traffic to your website(Or you are in a high paying niche) it may actually be counter productive having Google Adsense Ads on your Websitesite(Blog).

For a low traffic Blog(Website) what would be the point?
If anything,  your visitors would only be distracted from reading your post articles.
Sometimes the Google Adsense Ads being displayed have nothing to do with the content being written on your blog or website.

This would make it even more difficult to make any money with the Adsense Ads.  Why would people click on the ads if the products or services being shown are not related to the content(or information) that the person was looking for when they found your website through a Google search?

If your  Google Adsense Ads are not making any Money for you,  what is the point of using them?

Having Adsense on your Blog(Website) when they are not helping you to make any money,  is a total waste of Website real estate.

A quick tale of Google Adsense Ads not Earning for you

So there you are,  churning out mountains(Alright,  maybe just a mole hill) of high quality articles(Posts)  you build up a decent following,  putting lot's of time and effort into your Blog(Website).

In between all that Website post writing, Seo,  Promoting your site,  you are also busy optimizing your Adsense units(Ads) by experimenting with the best possible Adsense ad placements and choice of colors and designs.

Curiosity takes hold  " Man,  that old Google Adsense account must be pulling  in some big Mullah(Money)!"
 You go to your Adsense account , click open earnings......Bang! 

You pick yourself up of the floor(Yes, that bang was YOU collapsing on the floor.)

You then spend hours cross referencing your various stats(Analytics, Web master tools, Adsense, etc),  believing that there must be some kind of mistake with how the data is being processed.

Okay! Joke time is over.   It's now time to look at:

When Google Adsense produces outstanding results.

I've added some links to sites which have done lists of Adsense's  top earners over the past few years.

There are literally thousands of other sites doing equally well(Sometimes much better) than the websites I have chosen.

But hey!   You get the picture.

This first list(Taken from John Chow) then redone way back in 2007 on a Typepad blog by a Mr. Bill Ives called Portals and KM(I think )

Google Adsense Success Stories   
Here's a list of the top five Google Adsense earners done in 2010 on the Bukisa website an Article written by the Author  Umi Noor.

Five Top Google Adsense Earners You Want To Emulate 

That is some serious money being made there!
Now back to our question!

So can you Make Money with Google Adsense?
Well,  I guess it comes down to if you're a Glass Half full, or a Glass half empty type of person.

It's how you personally see things.  Some people will see those figures and be incredibly motivated to act,  others will want to throw the towel in right away claiming "That's just not possible"!

Don't get too overawed by their earnings.  Remember these are the Top earners.

Look at these examples as something to motivate you.

Remember,  even these great achievers had to start somewhere,   just like you.
And you,  just like them,  have the same potential to achieve their outstanding results.
Maybe even greater results.

What are your thoughts on Google Adsense? 

Is Google Adsense your main source of Online income, or do you rely on other income streams like Affiliates?

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Does Alexa Ranking Really Matter?

Will Top Ranking in Alexa Improve your Sites Success?

I won't deny that I have been constantly watching my Alexa Ranking,  hoping to see it head up to the top in the Rankings.

I also head over to the Alexa website to check out many other site statistics,   quite often.

Though,  one thought crosses my mind often  "Will Breaking into the top 100'000 or even top 10'000 sites in the Alexa Rankings really make any difference in my sites performance"?

Okay,  it may look great being up there at the top of Alexa's rankings,  something we could always show off to other website owners to boost our own ego's.

The problem is that if having an incredible ranking in Alexa does NOT bring you more website traffic or,  give your site some sort of special status(Greater respect from authority sites for achieving that great ranking)  we would be wasting our precious time and energy trying to gain a better ranking in Alexa. 

How to Dramatically improve your Alexa ranking  

Firstly,   before we get ahead of our selves we need to first note that {Simply by downloading and installing the Alexa toolbar you will dramatically improve your Alexa Ranking}

Write plenty of quality content on a regular basis,  and you will see even greater improvements in your Alexa ranking.

A little while back I was not writing my usual number of posts,  and my Alexa ranking took a major dive all the way to around 3000 000.  

After installing the Alexa toolbar and writing posts on a more frequent basis,  my Alexa ranking climbed up o around 5'00 000 in a short period of time.

What Others Are Saying about the Alexa Ranking System

There are some very strong opinions out there on the web regarding the Alexa ranking system.
  This article over at "SitePro News has some interesting points about Alexa rankings that make a lot of sense.
how important is Alexa Ranking ?

 Some people are saying that having a good Alexa ranking does make quite a lot of difference,  and is very important.

Others are not so kind,  saying that the Alexa Ranking is useless.

So it would be very useful for all Blog and website owners to have a clearer understanding of whether or not Ranking at the top of Alexa will make any real difference in the long run,  as far as the level of success their websites would enjoy.
What are your thoughts on the importance of the Alexa ranking?

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