Thursday, March 22, 2012

Google Seo Over Optimization will get You Penalized

Google Penalty For Over Optimizing Your Website

Google has announced it will be rolling out another Algorithm update,  this time focused on punishing sites that have over optimized.  Going by  Matt Cutts,  the go to man at Google,  the whole idea of this algorithm update,   is to create a more level playing field  that will put more  emphasis on quality content,  and less emphasis on sites that have relied heavily on SEO optimization.

We need to note here:   This is not the first Website Over optimization SEO penalty from Google.  Going by one site I visited,   they(Google) started this type of penalty back around 2005(possibly earlier) .

Also,  going by what I have just read on a few sites,   it seems that even the most common forms of onsite optimization,  have a strong chance of bringing a penalty.  

My believe is that,    Google  SEO  is now treated as  Black hat  SEO. What I mean by this is,  most of the "Good SEO Practices we have been told to follow"  to keep on the good side of Google,  won't apply anymore.

Now!  Things like Internal linking of your website(linking to your inner pages--cross pages) and    doing constant editing to improve your content could be considered   " Over aggressive SEO optimization.   

Here's a nice article about the Google update,  over at   written by Joseph Foley... about Google's announcing the over optimization penalty.     

If you can,  read down to the end of the article.  Joseph  includes some funny stuff to lighten things up a little.

Compared to previous Algorithm updates,  I think there are differences in this latest Algorithm update penalty,  as far as how our sites will be affected.

Unlike the usual penalties for things like Keyword stuffing(using too many keywords throughout content) duplicate content,  and of course,  having large numbers of links from link farms etc.,  this latest site penalty is punishing simple "every day" on page optimizations,  such as your internal linking,  etc.

 What About All that Website Optimization Advice?

This goes against all that advice we have been fed over the years,  regarding the importance of optimizing our sites. 

We spend so much time doing keyword research to rank  high in the Google search results.
 and now we really have to ask ourselves,  has it been,  or is still all just a big waste of time?
The end conclusion would be that all website optimization would be pointless.  It would simply be a waste of our time,  as there would be no rewards in our Google search ranking results,  and we may even suffer a  Google Penalty for all our hard work.

So,  we would be better off just writing up a nice post and doing zero keyword research or SEO optimization(Unless of course,  Google still secretly does reward our SEO optimization efforts  for improvement.).

Over at Search engine Land,  Barry Schwartz  has an interesting article about the Google Over optimization Penalty. 

He has included a 2009 video where Matt Cutts from Google says there is no such thing as an Over optimization penalty.

That contradicts what has been discussed elsewhere,  whereby,  Google put penalties in place for this pre 2009(around 2005).  Sometimes I wonder if we should really trust anything that Google tells us, anyway.

Something else we need to really thing about here!

What was it you were told was often the reason why a website did not rank very well? 

What about Under Optimization of Our Websites?  

That's what I would hear all the time!   "Oh,  the sites performed badly as it was under optimized(not optimized enough) "    I have heard this " Your site is under-optimized"!  a thousand times more than I have ever heard  "  Hey,  your site is over optimized"!

Unless of course,   it was already an "Unspoken rule"  that an over-optimized site,  was considered to be a " Black Hat SEO" optimized site.
If you read that funny part of Joseph Foley's   article that I linked above,  I think you will not only laugh out loud,  you will also probably say to yourself,  "  Hey!  That makes a lot of sense"!

If you did not see the article it basically included a mock up conversation between Matt Cutts and Joe(Joseph Foley.)  whereby,  no matter what question Joe asks to try to understand the new Google over optimize penalty,  Matt gives Joe,    the run around.......

So what are your thoughts on Google's new Seo Over-optimization Penalty?

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