Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Google Keyword Ranking Success - Has It Become Harder To Achieve?

Ranking Keywords in Google May be More Difficult Now

Could getting our keywords ranked at the top of the Google search  results be even more difficult than what it has been before?  It does seem that way.  Lately I have been doing a large amount of Keyword Analysis(Research)   and I have noticed something quite strange.

I noticed that many keywords that are usually not too difficult to rank high for in Google search results(Average quality keywords--not that much Monthly volume) seem to have become much harder to rank for.  Not only this,  I also noticed that even poor quality keywords that we would normally not need to do that much work to rank well for,  now require far more work.

Maybe There's a Shift In The Usual Keyword Ranking Factors

I understand that Google's latest Algorithm update for Jan 2012 shown here on the "Search Engine Land" an article by Matt McGee  > Google's January search update  would probably have some affect on ranking results,  also on page and off page Website factors would have an influence on our Keywords(Pages) ranking results in Google search.

If we are doing as much as we can to build a a Search engine optimized Website,  we should be getting good results with our Keywords ranking in the Google search results.

The truth is,  after having done a ton of research using many different Analysis tools both online and on my PC(free and paid tools) I have definitely noticed a change in the way Google is returning search results for Target Keywords.

Google Does Plenty Of Algorithm updates:But This One?

Having noticed the affect(Or lack of affect) previous Google Algorithm updates have had on my site and also many other sites(Google made 500 algo updates in the past 12 months) this is the first time I have really seen any dramatic shifts in the way keywords are ranking in Google search results.

Remember the critical factor here is that,  even the most easy to rank for keywords are somehow not showing up in the Google search results.

It is as if Google is somehow changing it's search results using keywords as a partial factor,  along with it's many other optimization for ranking factors.
This may sound odd though, I have never seen such unusual search results when I type in a search query.

Other People have already mentioned this on their own sites or in forums.

Google has stated that it's main aim is to provide for the best(Quality and accurate) search results to compliment the search query that a person has entered.

Though,  going by many of my recent search queries(even just browsing the web) I seem to get far more non related sites(the websites article url) in the search results.

That's the opposite of what Google has said is it's core mission for returned search results.   

This does not bother me at all really,  as they are low traffic(Quality keywords) but the main point is that it shows that there is a noticeable shift in how keywords(Pages) are being ranked.

 Anyway!   All I can do for now is to do a little more Analysis and hopefully come up with " The Missing Key" that will provide a better explanation as to these unusual Keyword ranking search results.

What's your take on how your Keywords(Pages) are ranking after Google's Latest Algorithm changes?


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