Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How to Start A Blog. Tips to get you Started.

How To Get Your Blog Started.

Firstly,  you need to choose your Blogging Platform.  Then you also need to decide if you want your Blog hosted on one of the Blogging Platforms severs,  which is free,  but has many limitations.  Or do you wish to go with self hosting your Blog,   where you pay monthly fees.  There are some reasonably cheap deals out there as far as self hosting is concerned.

Your Blogging Platform

The two most popular Blogging Platforms are:  WordPress and Blogger

WordPress comes with two options.

(1) free platform) hosted by the WordPress server).

Link here>

(2) paid / self hosting version) Hosted by a hosting company of your choice.

Link here>

Next there is a free platform) It is hosted on  the server.
Unlike WordPress,  Blogger does NOT give you the option of self hosting. You can purchase your own domain name(The name of your blog) so you own it.  But you cannot host your Blog with a hosting company.

Setting up a Blog is very easy.  Just go to > and follow the easy sign up.  If you have a Google account(G-mail account) you can start up straight away using those accounts. is run by Google,  so you don't need to do anything else to get started.

Make A Strong Start  

If you don't mind spending a bit of money to pay for a hosting company,  the most popular choice which is done by most of the successful bloggers is to----

"Self Host your Blog using"

The option not only provides you with the WordPress Blogging platform,  you also now have access to thousands of amazing plugins that cover everything you will need to make the most of your blogging success.

As far as hosting your Blog,  here are some companies that offer some really competitive rates and provide many great extras.

(1)  Bluehost

(2) Hostgator

(3) Go Daddy

(4) HostMonster

(5) Fat Cow

Here is a fantastic article on  Starting your blog  over at  Wiki-how,  with great visuals,  and an easy step by step procedure from start to finish.

Link>   Start a Blog 

You Have Started your Blog,  what next?

There is so much information out there reminding us that "Content is king"!  and to " Write quality content"!
But what about the person who just started Blogging?  How are they to know what to Blog about?
It's not helpful asking someone to write quality content when they are unsure of where to start writing to begin with.

The quality content can come later.  Your first plan of action should be to answer the question:

What will Your Blog be About?

The fact is,  you can write a Blog(Start a blog) about any topic that interests you.  In Blogging there is an incredible number of topics to choose from. Many Bloggers start out by writing about things they are passionate about.

A Blog can be Personal,  Political,  the Arts,  etc.  Many very successful Bloggers covering a wide variety of topics(Niches) started off quite small and grew gradually,  until reaching their current level of success.

Here are a few examples of Blogs covering a number of topics to give you some ideas.

Fashion Blogs

These five Blogs are of very high quality,  providing some great examples of style and format.

(1)  The Sartorialist

(2) Hypebeast

(3) Highsnobiety

(4) Stylelist

(5) Refinery29

Finance Blogs

These three blogs are also of very high quality. They are very nicely put together,  and quite popular.

(1) Business Insider

(2) Econbrowser

(3) Real Time Economics

Music Blogs

I chose three different Genres(Styles) to give you an idea of how Blogs can be set up differently depending on the type of music being covered.

(1) Rock             Rolling Stone

(2) Hip Hop     Current Hip Hop

(3) Classical      Sequenza21

Blogs about Blogging(Blogging related Topics)

These are also very high quality Blogs(Sites).  I included some variations to show how different Blogs are styled.  If you are looking for Blogging related information,  these are great sires to visit.

(1)  Problogger 

(2)  Traffic Generation Cafe 

(3)  Chris Brogan 

(4)   Seth Godin

The Blog topics above only represent a tiny fraction of hundreds(Possibly thousands) of other different topics you could choose to start a Blog about.  

There really is no limit to the choices you have.  All you need to do is to decide what it is you are passionate about or what interests you. Then just go from there and start your own Blog.

Are you not quite sure how to start your Blog or what your Blog should be about?

Feel free to leave your valued opinion below.


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Friday, July 8, 2011

Build Your Blog Community

Your Blog Community Matters

I have to admit,  in all my researching into and applying Traffic Generation and building links for my Blogs,  I made one huge mistake.  I overlooked the most important part of Establishing a successful,  high quality and respected Blog or Website. That one crucial thing is " To Build Your Blog or website Community first" .

I have always had the idea of a Blog(site) community in mind,  but I have not made anywhere near the effort of  setting up my blogs,  to be far more community friendly.

Blog Community Versus Blog Traffic

Okay,  so most of us would love to be getting a large amount of traffic to our Blogs(sites).  There is no denying this.  Though what good is all that traffic,  if the visitors are not becoming regular active participants on your Blog?

If you had the choice of
(1) someone visiting your site regularly,  leaving comments often,  making a few helpful suggestions,  possibly subscribing to your posts( site).
Or  (2) Someone visiting your site,  having a quick read of one of your posts then leaving(Possibly never returning to your site again)  {Which one would you choose}?    

Yeah, I know! Dumb question.  Of course you'd go for number (2).  I know I would!

Member of Forum Communities

Here's something else I never considered.  I am a member of certain Forum communities,  and whilst working in that niche(Not blog or website related)  I was an active participant. I spend countless hours there.  There were many other members(not moderators) who spent far more time than I did and contributed greatly to the forum community.   Though,  just by making a contribution by posting questions and helping out others when needed(In areas I had a little more experience and /or knowledge)  I ended up building some good relationships on that site.

Another thing was that,  the subject those Forum Communities were related to is an area which is far more difficult to achieve success in than Blogs and websites.  Many regular contributors had their own websites,  so I guess they gained a bit of link juice by getting involved. But there were many others who did not have their own websites or blogs  yet,  were on those sites contributing every day.

It took a little while to get used to the many Personalities in the forums(Who are the Authority figures, etc) and to get yourself established.

Once you got that sorted out,  the feeling of being "Part of the Community"  was great!.

A Blog Is The Same

Well,   not exactly the same.  A blog is not a Forum though,  they both are build on one thing.  They both need that one crucial factor to sustain themselves. And without that one important element both a Blog(Website) and a Forum would fail(Or just do really badly).

Yep!  Here I go again.   That one thing is " Their Community".

A forum would fold(Close up) in no time if it could not establish,  then build up and maintain it's community.
And when you really think about it,  without having an established and well maintained community,  a Blog or Website will probably suffer the same fate.

Think for a moment!  

What would you consider the number one reason most Blogs or websites end up becoming abandoned?
Most of us would jump out and say " Not enough traffic(Visitors)"!

Yet,  many Blogs(Sites) are getting plenty of traffic but are still not really going anywhere.  They talk of some pretty large numbers when discussing their visitor stats.  Yet,  they are still struggling.  

Water Down a Drain / Traffic Through A Blog

There is no other way of putting it. If your site is getting a fair amount of traffic yet you are not doing all that well,  you are literally flushing your Blog or website Traffic down the drain.

If you are Flushing your traffic down the drain,  you are flushing your ability to make money from your website or blog down the drain,  also. You did all that hard work to get visitors coming  to your site,  you should now make just as much effort to keep them coming back by earning their trust, and making them a part of your Blog or Website Community. 

What are experiences with building your own Blog or Website Community? 

Feel free to leave your valued opinion below.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Make Your Blog Dofollow To Get More Traffic

Changing your blog from "No-follow" to Do-follow?

It's a topic I have been doing a fair amount of research on,  mainly as it is said to bring in far greater traffic to your site.  It is an easy enough thing to do, only requiring a quick edit in your Website(Blog) HTML editor.

As part of our plan to build a search engine optimized website and to gain higher rankings and more visitors to our sites,  we should look into the benefits (if any) of making our posts Do Follow.

But before you race off to switch your blog(Site) to do-follow,  you had better make sure you fully understand both the pro's and the con's.

NOTE: If you are in a hurry to change your site to Do-follow,   there is a simple instruction near the bottom of the page that will change your blog or website to do-follow in minutes (very simple code edit)


It seems that you will indeed get more visitors to your site(Blog) if it is set to Do-follow.
You will get a great deal more comments,  as the visitors will also benefit by leaving comments.
The reason behind this is that many people see commenting on a Do-follow site as a way of gaining  a bit of link love(Link juice) as this will help gather a decent amount of back links for the visitors.

There are many forums,  etc where do-follow blogs are listed, and where further traffic can be generated to your site.

Another thing is,  these days many people have software set up so they can automatically know if your site is Do-follow or No-follow.

There are also ad-dons(Firefox) (I think word press has one)  and many others which you can enable that instantly give you a run down of the sites you are visiting(Number of posts,  the sites ranking 1, 2, 3 ,) and much more.

It seems like a " Win Win Situation for everyone,  yes? 
The  person with the Do-follow blog is now getting far more traffic to his/her site, the visitor is gathering some link juice(Link love).

Surely nothing but good could come from such a relationship?


By being Do-follow and linking your site to any and every site without regard,  some people have said that you could drain much of the relevance that your links(Back-links) hold.

Your linking may be devalued in the eyes of Google.  So while gaining lots of traffic and getting the feeling that at last you're really going places with your blog(Site) you may be sabotaging your efforts,  without even realizing it.

You may become a Spam -  magnet.

As your traffic increases,  you will definitely have an increase in Spam. Some sites have tons of comments but the comments are no more than spam(Also,  many of these spam comments are full of links going all over the place(One Blog owner said one comment alone on his site contained 100 links to dodgy sites). 

Your Word press and Blogger platforms are preset to NO-FOLLOW(There must be a reason for this).
This may have been a more recent change made by these platforms.  Though,  I am not too sure.

MY THOUGHTS(Do-follow or No-follow)?

Regardless of reading a number of negative comments on the web about "Do-follow Blogs" I am not entirely convinced.

If you do decide on making your Blog Do-follow,  be prepared to do extra work going through all the comments,  to remove any filled with dodgy links.

So,  apart from the extra "House work" cleaning out the trash comments(spam)  I am still willing to go with the benefits of a "Do-follow" Blog.

In fact,  part of me gets the feeling a Do-follow blog  may prove to be even more effective in building a well established blog as a No-follow blog. Not to mention the extra traffic you will gain in the process.

To put this feeling(theory) to the test,  I may set up one of my blogs to Do-follow for a set period of time,  just to see what sort of effect it has.


So,  if you wish to change your No - follow Blog (Website) to Do-follow,  it is quite simple.

Go into your layout(Design). >  Click Edit HTML 

Just to be safe please back up your template(To your computer) before editing.

Tick the Expand Widget box.

Here's a quick way to find the code you need to edit.

Press (Ctrl  f ) on your keyboard at the same time.

This will open up a search box at the bottom of your blog template editor.

Now add(copy & paste) this piece of code  into the search box.  rel='nofollow'

It should take you a line of code in your template that looks like the following.

<a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl' rel='nofollow'><></a>

Remove the highlighted part of the code 

Click on save your template.

Now refresh your blog.


And that's it!

You now have a Do-follow blog.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on this post below. 

Or why not subscribe to our post feeds and receive all the latest posts and more!

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Free PC Data Recovery Software. Great for Blog & Website Owners.

Why Computer tech related information on a Blogging site? It's Quite simple. Many Bloggers and Website owners rely heavily on their Computers. If their Computer has a major crash,  they could lose access to all of their data. And if they do not get their computer running,  they will need to buy a new one. 

What Led Me To This Software

A while back I ran into a major crash on my Desktop PC.  Any time before this I had always managed to repair that Computer,  no matter how difficult the problem.  This time around,  nothing worked. I was left with a Computer that could not be booted up properly,  and I could no longer access my data. Also, at that time I was setting up My Blogs( So the crash caused major problems for me).  The only option that was left was a destructive recovery.

Unlike your standard recovery where you get back all your data,  with a Destructive Recovery you lose everything on the Computer,  except the original programs that were installed when you purchased your Pc(Computer).  So if you have your photos in there(Not backed up externally) you will lose them all with a destructive recovery.

The Solution.

I tried a number of suggestion from the web,   but nothing worked.
Then I stumbled onto a website which has a free software that solved my problem.

The Software is Called:      Hirens Boot CD

This amazing free software allowed me to access my Computer and get back all my data.
I was so happy to see all my photos and other stuff were still there inside my Computer.   I thought I had lost everything.

If you can no longer boot up your Pc,  or you have lost access to your data I strongly urge you to have a look at this free software.

It literally contains hundreds of different  free software programs to reboot,  clean up and repair your Computer.

When you download the software make sure you have the latest version(Should be Hirens Boot Cd 14.0)

Please Note
I will not include instructions(For download and install) here on my site,  as it's important for you to follow the instructions very carefully.  You will be required to burn an ISO file to a disc(The ISO File is what is used for creating a boot Cd) Burning a standard file will not create a Boot disc to boot up your Computer.

Note:  You need to have Burning Software installed on your Computer. 

Special Note:  The Burning Software must be able to burn ISO files)

Here's the link  >     Hirens Boot CD

I  hope this software helps you as it has helped me to get back my data,  and get my Computer running again.

Feel free to leave your comment about Hirens Boot Cd below.

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Make Your Post Titles Appear Before Blog Name In Search Results

Having your post names(titles) appear before your Blog or websites name,  is very important as it allows your articles(Posts) titles to become the first thing someone sees when they are searching for certain information.  If your Blog or Website name shows before your post titles,  there is a good chance people  will not bother to click on your post link. Think about it!  If you did a Google looking for some information,  you are looking for Post(Article) information,  not the name of the website or Blog.

Okay,  Here's what to do.

Make Post Titles Appear Before Blog name in Search Results. 

(1) Go into Design on your Blog or Website Template.

(2) Click on Edit Html

(3) Before editing back up your Blog or Website Template(Click Download Full Template.) 

(4)  Find the following code:  (The code should be near the top of your template)


(5) Now,  replace the above line of code with the following code:

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>

(6) Press Save Template (The orange box on the right)

(7)  That's it!  You've done it.

(8) Now just view your changes,   just to make sure it worked out fine.

You should now see your Blog or websites post titles appear before the name of your blog(site).

Note: It may take a little while for your changes to appear in the actual search results( As your changes are  updated).

Soon you will see the old search result(Blog name first) disappear from the search results and be replaced by the new search results(Blog post titles first)

Did it work out for you?

Feel free to leave a comment below.

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Get Your Blog Noticed Achieve Greater Success

There is simply no way around it.

If you want your Blog or website to be far more successful,  you will have to do all you can to get it Noticed.  There is no better way to ensure a high level of  continual success for your site.

What I mean by noticed is not just having a fair amount of visitors coming your way,  through various paths.  You can be getting a fair amount of traffic,  though your site still may not be taken all that seriously.

Get Your Blog Or Website Established

Getting your Blog or Website recognized as one of the top sites in your niche(Area) will guarantee a high level of success.

Not only will this ensure plenty of traffic to your site,  you will also have a number of great opportunities presented to you.

Once the influential Blogs and Websites in your niche(Area) start to take notice of you,  you will see a number of benefits flowing your way.  This is just how the world of Blogs and Websites works.  You can visit the top blogs in your Niche,  make comments day in and day out,  yet you will probably not even be noticed.

Once you start to make ripples(You start getting the attention of the big sites) the whole ball game is changes. As those ripples build,  your presence in the world of Blogs and Websites will have become known.  Your site will be looked upon as being established. 

Make A Name For Yourself

Once your Blog or website becomes one of the "Go to" sites within your particular Niche(Area) that's when you are truly on the road to an incredible level of success.

To achieve this takes much longer and is far more difficult than just gaining a decent amount of traffic, and the occasional positive comment about your site.

Getting traffic to your site and some positive comments is part of it,  but only a small part.  You need to achieve something else.

Become A Voice Of Influence(In the Blogging World)

This is the stage where you are regarded as an Authority in your particular niche. 

These are the sites who's opinions are not taken lightly.  Not only are these sites getting a ton of traffic,  and are also known as the "Go to" sites in their niche.  At this stage your site will be held in the highest regard by the most influential people,  across many areas of the web. 

This is the level where a Blog or Website(Or the Author) has become renowned. Where there are conversations going on in one place or another,  whether on social sites( twitter,  Facebook, etc) or out on the web,  this site(Author) will  have a very high chance of figuring in the conversation.

At this level of Success,  your influence and your connections across the web-o-sphere,  will be massive. 

Achieving that level of success by getting your Blog or website really noticed,  would certainly be a goal worth aiming for.  Don't you agree?
Is your Blog or Website getting noticed out there on the web?

Feel free to leave your valued opinion below.

Your comments will be responded to.

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