Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Google's Panda Update Could Be Costing You Traffic

How Much Impact Is The Panda Update Having?

There's a lot of talk out on the web,   as to just how much of an effect the latest Panda Update is having on Website and Blog performances.  If you're a regular visitor to a number of sites,  you will find a wide range of opinions,  anywhere from " The Panda Update causing the website to experience increased traffic"  to  " It made no difference at all"  or at the other end of  the road  "  The Panda Update resulted in some sites losing 40% of their traffic".

latest Google Update only one of 500 updates(Algorithm changes)

that's 500 Algorithm changes Google has made in the past year alone. Yep!  You heard that right.  500 changes to the way Google is collecting and Analyzing data,  and then altering the way your site and mine is performing out on the web,  based on this.

No wonder we're sometimes baffled by the constant changes in our sites performance,  that do not seem consistent with how we're optimizing our sites. It's as if some of these Google Algorithm changes can sometimes,  actually negate any good work you have done.

Here's a snippet from an article by Chris Crum,  over at the  Webpronews site that has some great insights into the latest Panda Update.

Panda Victim Blames Analytics Glitch

Late last week, it was discovered that Google had rolled out another version of the Panda update earlier in the week. Industry voices have dubbed the update “2.5″. Google dubbed it “one of the roughly 500 changes we make to our ranking algorithms each year.”
Did you notice a drop or increase in traffic in the past week or so? Let us know.
Here's another section discussing the ongoing saga with Daniweb,  the IT discussion website run by Dani Horowitz,    that was hit hard with the previous Panda Update.

DaniWeb, which has been an ongoing sub-plot of the Panda storyline throughout the year, due to its victimization and full recovery, was hit again by the most recent update. In fact, Dani Horowitz, who runs the IT discussion community, is the one that tipped us that this was even going on.
Here's a link to an article by Courtney Mills on the I Need Hits website,  which was written back in march.
It discusses how the Panda update had caused up to 40% traffic loses for some websites.

Link here>   Google Panda Update Causes 40% Traffic Lose

Pretty dramatic stuff when you think about it.  And remember that there have been 500 Google Algorithm changes in the past year alone.

The big question for all website owners and those doing business on the web is,  just how much Google is impacting on their sites traffic.       That's something we would all like to know.

Have you been hit by the latest Panda update?

Feel free to leave your thoughts on this topic in a comment below.


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  1. The best way to handle that create a loyal readership which will come for your content and without a SEO thing, Though it is hard to do that but should be a aim for bloggers.

  2. Very good Point, Sajeev.

    As many people have said, nobody knows how Google is making it's decisions, when employing so many different Algorithm changes.

    In the first article that I left a link to, they refer to it as "Google's secret recipe"

    I think Mat Cutts from Google, recently said what were the best rules to follow for on page optimization(seo) to ensure your content benefits from these constant Google updates.
    He could not give away Google's big secret, so he offered some good advice.
    If I remember correctly, it was the standard stuff, like original, quality and relevant content. Avoiding duplicate content. Using images. etc.
    And much more.


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