Friday, July 18, 2014

Virtual Business The Future Is Now

Virtual Business An Online Digital World Of Massive Opportunities

There is simply no way of denying the incredible growth of opportunities that have opened up to us is recent years, and what better time than NOW to take a leap into the ever expanding field of Virtual Business.

Your Virtual Business Could become Another Success Story Of the Digital Online Revolution 
Image by jdurham.    image url :

Look around you,   and you can see the rate at which just about everyone is switched on to the digital age,  and are either listening to I tunes,  browsing the web or watching  YouTube videos....etc, etc,   and this will only continue to increase at a huge rate,  and this is why so many companies are starting up Virtual Businesses,  as a way to tap into this huge Market....

I wrote a post recently called YouTube Search Engine Optimization tips,   talking about how the Future of the web is Video / YouTube,   and how the vast majority of online consumer activity will be via Video / YouTube by around 2017.

Everybody and Their Grand Mother Is Making The Virtual Business Jump!

The fact is that many companies are now "jumping online"and building a solid web presence,   and this could only bring in a much wider consumer base.....More Customers.

Nearly every time we are in contact with a large company, small business,  retail shop or brand,  or need to get in contact with a Government department,   they are always moving more and more of their work base and communications either onto the web,  or through other digital and virtual applications.

Check out this incredible article by Nigel Fenwick called The Future of Business is Digital on the website.

In the article Nigel talks about how many businesses will be "out of business" or extinct,  if they don't jump onto the Digital Bandwagon....ASAP......and this only further illustrates my earlier points regarding this huge seismic / digital / online shift,   taking place!

This is a fantastic post by Nigel and it's well worth your heading over to have a  read!

As far as the big move to a world of Virtuosity ,  the same applies to Big Companies, small Businesses,  brands, Government departments, etc,  hitting the social sites like Facebook and Twitter.....and this massive leap into the digital / virtual / online realm will only increase with even greater speed!

Some of The Main Reasons Behind A Virtual Business Choice.

(a).  The first reason would be the ease and simplicity"

  at which we can perform any number of Business / Social interactions and Transactions,   via digital Online or Off line applications...such as Mobile phones(smart phones/  I pads/  Tablets,  desktops,  laptops,  etc, etc,

What may have taken us hours to do(or even days depending on location and circumstances) just a few years back,  can now be done in a matter of minutes....or even less.. 

(b).  Another factor behind Moving to a Virtual Business environment,  is Labor costs.

Not only are companies around the Globe,  outsourcing their labor around the Globe at an tremendous rate,  many companies are now "downsizing labor costs" even further,  by using numerous Micro Job /  Crowd-sourcing Companies,   where they can get things done for at an even lower hourly / task based cost. .

(c). A Major benefit Of the online Virtual Business Model - property / rental costs.

The cost of renting even a modest sized piece of office space,   or a Shopfront store(small retail business etc).....can be  HUGE!  not to mention the added costs associated with the everyday running and maintenance of this type of business model......

Something else that's happening  "in a large way"  is that far more companies are now giving their staff the option to "work from home" and set up their own Virtual office.....

Here's a fantastic article called Costs and Benefits-  Advantages of Telecommuting for Companies on the website.

The article does a great run down of all the benefits to the Outsource / work from home / Virtual Business model,  and it lists quite a few benefits......including greater worker satisfaction,  and of course the lower running costs of the business..

The article also includes any negatives,  with setting up a virtual digital work environment or work force...including many   Country,   local and state laws and taxes that could outweigh all the benefits of setting up a Virtual Office Environment....

In some Office Based Industries,   this is so common that I think it will soon become the standard across most,  if not all Office Based Industries....

The benefits for both the employee and the employer,  could be huge!   The employee get's to manage the home duties whilst still getting all their everyday work tasks taken care of,   all without losing precious hours of their day commuting back and forth to work..

Rental / lease costs and the cost of labor are the main  "push factors" behind many companies adopting the Virtual Business /  Online Business Model.....

So my prediction on this is that,   virtually all Office Based Businesses and many other business and Industry Niches,   will eventually adopt the online Virtual Business  model.

Those that don't get a move on, adapt / adopt and "ride the digital road to the future"  will be left on the side of the road,  thumb out,  hoping to hitch a ride!

What are your own thoughts on the Digital / online revolution taking place,  and the huge potential that a Virtual Business could Bring?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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Sunday, July 13, 2014

YouTube Search Engine Optimization Tips - Part One

YouTube SEO Tip One - YouTube / Video Is Huge!

YouTube is the second largest Search Engine in the World behind Google. So,  knowing a bit about search Engine Optimization for your YouTube Videos could have a huge impact on improving your online success.

Don't miss out on all the benefits that will come  by learning the basics of  YouTube Search Engine Optimization

Think About it!  you could bring in thousands or even millions of visitors to both your YouTube channel and your website.

I have spoken about the importance of trying to gain top Google search engine ranking for our websites...and the many benefits this would bring

though,  the possibilities here I think are much greater... as YouTube can really pull in a Mountain of traffic...once a YouTube Channel  / Video starts to get noticed!

My own experience with YouTube has totally opened my eyes to it's quite amazing potential..

Just to give you some idea of the importance of Video and especially YouTube as far as the future of  "the Net" is concerned,  here's an article on the small business network section,  called Why online Video is the Future of Content Marketing ,  written by Chris Trimble.

Have a read of the article and check out the stats they quoted from the CISCO white Paper article called Visual Networking forecasting and Methodology 2013 - 2018.

In case you haven't got time to go and read the article,  it says that

 by 2017,    Video will account for 69%  of all consumer traffic. 
That's Huge! I mean Massive!  Well,  just darn Big!

So we should really take advantage of the potential flood of traffic we could get,   if we are willing to apply a few basic YouTube SEO ranking tips.

A quick word regarding YouTube Search Engine Optimization when comparing it to ranking websites in Google.  

Though,   there are many similarities as far as Ranking a video in YouTube search engine and ranking websites in the Google search engine,  from my own experience.

 I have noticed that there are some things that work well with Ranking websites ,  yet,  they do not seem to work as well with Ranking YouTube Videos,  and what often works with ranking YouTube videos may not work well with websites.  

YouTube SEO Ranking Tips Part One

(1) a. Do Keyword Research to Avoid the Ultra Competitive or Dead End(no traffic) Niche Trap

Keyword Research Is a Search Engine ranking optimization Must...and just like how Keyword research can save you a ton of wasted time with Ranking Website up high in the Google Search Engine,  Doing Keyword Research to Rank your YouTube Videos is a MUST!

Use the YouTube Keyword Tool to help you find the best choices for high traffic Keywords that match the niche(topic) you have chosen.  

Okay so now we have selected our Keywords,   we need to know a little bit about the level of competition. 

The YouTube Keyword Tool does not show you any competition data,  or let you know anything about the difficulty of ranking for a Keyword...

We could use any number of free or paid tools that can help to Analyze the strength of  YouTube video competition.  

The Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool that replaced the Google External Keyword Tool can help you understand the " Advertiser Competition "  of the Keywords you are targeting...

(1). b. Use Google Trends and Google Insights(now called Think Insights) 

This will help you to get a much clearer picture of what people are actually searching for and "what are the CURRENT  HOT SEARCH TOPICS that a hugely popular on the web....which will then make your own choices for your Target Keywords and YouTube Video Titles.

(1). c.  Do A YouTube Search of  Your Targeted Keywords and Check out the Competition.

Authors Special Insider tip:   If you do not have any software or tools (free or paid)   there is a away you can get some data about the Videos You wish to Outrank.  

Go to the YouTube search engine and type in the Keyword search term you are targeting.

Choose the top ranked video.

Now look down on the bottom "right hand side" of the video,  and click on the Stats Button next to the Flag Button...

A window will open showing you various performance statistics about that YouTube can also see more  statistical data by clicking the "View More Stats "button,  and then more information will be provided.  

You will see something like this!

This can give you some insights into the overall performance of that YouTube Video for the amount of time it has been shown in the YouTube search Engine.

Okay!  That concludes part one of our YouTube Search Engine Optimization Tips.

Stay tuned as I will be bringing some very useful and "workable "YouTube Ranking tips in Part Two.  

Feel free to leave your valued thoughts on this post and on YouTube Ranking.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Living The Dream of Blogging Success

Are You Living The Dream Of Blogging Success? 

If we are not yet living the dream of Blogging and Online Success that we hoped for,    we can still reach the goals we had set....if we are willing to "tough it out" and redouble our efforts...then you will be living the dream!

Living the Dream of Blogging Success can Be achieved!
Image  By Kamuelaboy  - Morguefile image url

If we want to achieve a high level of  Success online then we will need to be prepared to put in our best possible efforts...(no slacking off or making excuses)

That may sound a bit harsh,   but there is simply no other way around it.

If we want "living the dream"to be more than a fancy catchphrase,   then we are going to need to "Buckle down"  and get to work...

I wrote a post a while back about how Most people quit blogging within the first 3 Months.....and I wrote that post as a way to inspire and motivate Bloggers to "not quit " when the going get's tough.

The Secret Behind Success and Living The Dream! 

One of the secrets behind many of the most successful people throughout history,   is that they never quit (even when they often feel they cannot continue)...

The Secret behind most successful people that got them to be where they are and finally  "living the dream "  is that successful people maintain their levels of Motivation...even when  "the chips are down"  they don't quit!  Never!

There are so many amazing Blogging success stories out there,  where the Blogger "stuck it out"  and they have now reached an incredible level of success..

Here is one amazing example,   Pat Flynn with his website  has had a huge level of success...

Go and read one of  Pat's Recent Monthly Income reports,   you will agree that Pat has gone beyond the point where most bloggers would have quit,  and now he's truly living the dream!

To Be Living the Dream Sooner - Learn To Focus Now.

Another huge obstacle on our path to success and a common reason why we are not  "living the Dream" yet,  no matter how hard we try,  and no matter how much time we spend...

....we simply waste all of our time and energy by not focusing all our efforts on our  "must do tasks"  now!

In this way all our efforts are dispersed(spread thin)  and don't have enough power to

"Break through the barriers" that would take us to a much higher level of Success.

Not only this,  we also need to keep focused on our " end goals"  and keep visualizing us living our dream NOW"

So if we can follow these three Keys

(1) .  Stay Motivated.

(2). Stay Focused.

(3).   Never Quit!

.....we will have put into action an incredibly powerful force,  that shall soon have us living the dream,  and becoming the online Success we had  only ever dreamed of until this time...

What are your own thoughts on living the dream, and reaching our goals of Blogging Success?


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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Google Webmaster Tools Links to Site No Data Available

Google Webmaster Tools is Showing No Links to Site

I have noticed that my Google Webmaster Tools is showing "Links to your site No data available"...

The Links to your site section in webmaster tools  is for sites that have links pointing to your site,   and the last time I checked I had thousands of links pointing to my website.

So, why would our Webmaster tools be showing No links data for our Websites?

You can Clearly see that there are no links data to my website showing in my Google Webmaster tools
Okay.   Firstly I should point out that I only recently relaunched this website having spent quite some time working with YouTube Channels and on other projects.

Reason Google Webmaster Tools showing no Links to site Data

Not working on your site for quite some time would definitely have an impact on our websites performance....mainly as we would lose quite a large chunk of "Link Juice "and also "Social Juice"

I have talked about the importance of being consistent and what can happen if we  "get lazy"and don't keep up.  Keeping up with our blog and website tasks is so important, as I think this is very helpful in maintaining and further building the success of our sites.

If you don't work on your site for a long period of time,  I guess we could expect a drop in the number of links pointing to our websites.

Wait a Minute!  If Google Webmaster Tools "Links to your site"is showing "No Data Available"meaning no links pointing to the website,   why is every single online website analysis tool showing thousands of links pointing to my website? 

So,  this could be just a Glitch ( Technical screw up) in Google Webmaster Tools, itself....

Many Cases Of No Site Link Data in Google Webmaster Tools

There have been many people complaining about Google Webmaster Tools showing "0" links to their sites with the same old "no data available "message appearing...

Barry Schwartz over on Brought this up  in his post tilted,   Google Webmaster Tools links to your site showing no data available for some .

I then went and checked out some forum post that Barry had linked that are discussing this issue,  and it seems no one is really to sure how to fix this problem...many people are pointing to this being a Google Webmaster tools error,   that seems to have been around for quite some time.

Here's the thread from the forum called Penguin 2.1" and  "No Data Available" in WMT 

Personally,  I think it's a Google Webmaster tools error,  since I am sure Google has been playing around and making changes in recent times....and those changes have now "caused a Bug" that is causing the "Link Data not Available" response for links to our websites....

Have you noticed any changes in your Google Webmaster tools Links to your site section, and are you also seeing the "No Data Available" message,  as well?  

Let us know in the comments section.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Market Samurai For Best Keyword SEO

Market Samurai Still Great for Keyword Research and SEO

Considering the number of Keyword SEO tools being offered these days,  from free software / tools,  to Subscriptions that can cost upwards of  $1000 Per Month (or More)  I have to say that Market Samurai still offers a great suite of tools,  at a very affordable price.

I have mentioned the importance of Keyword research in a number of my posts,   and I do believe that good keyword research can save you a lot of wasted time and effort,   and can make ranking your website posts much easier(Better ranking equals more money at your end) and that's where Market Samurai comes in!

Over the years I have tried so many Keyword SEO tools,   from the free trials of both low cost and more expensive programs,  as well as a number of programs that I ended up purchasing at the time,  which included Market Samurai.

Even today  "Yes,  just an  hour or so ago" I was just testing out a another keyword SEO program (I signed up for the trial )  ......Guess what?

Market Samurai totally blew this other "very expensive " SEO / Keyword program,   clean out of the water!

I was really hoping this other tool had something to offer(after reading some really positive reviews)  but it was so bad,  I actually uninstalled the whole thing from my Computer.

Market Samurai Does Far More Than Expensive Tools   

That's when it hit me!  If these expensive Keyword research / SEO  programs can not even match one of the Market Samurai Modules,  then why am I wasting my time running around looking at other Keyword / SEO tools?

Then it hit me......again!

Of all the Keyword SEO Tools free or purchased,   only 2 have stood the test of time,   The Free tool is the Google External Keyword Tool(now the Adwords Keyword Planner) and Market Samurai .

Since the Google External Keyword Tool(which I absolutely loved) was replaced by the Google Adwords Keyword Planner,  I have not been all to happy with this tool, and have hardly ever used it since.

So I needed to find an alternative.  I then tested out( for the trial period)  many Keyword SEO Tools.  I went and purchased quite a  few...

.......and many of those tools even proved to be of little use  and would sometimes freeze up,  or,   became very unresponsive... .

A number of the free trial Keyword SEO programs that I loved the first time I tried them(and was seriously considering buying them) turned out to be near impossible to use....often due to "none stop catchpa's" popping up,  whilst doing basic Keyword research....

Market Samurai Still Standing Above The Competition

Now I have come full circle and am 100%  happy to stick with Market Samurai as my main Keyword Research SEO Tool.

Another positive about Market Samurai is that it has Built in Proxies, so you don't have to worry about any annoying " Catchpa Popups " ...

In fact I have never had to fill out a Catchpa whilst using Market Samurai,  which is a huge plus...when you are doing Keyword research / SEO.

So if you are looking for a "great Keyword SEO" suite of tools with a ridiculously low price for all the amazing tools that are included,   you cannot go past Market Samurai.

Why not download the Free Market Samurai  "12 Day Trial"  which will give you free access to the whole Suite of  Incredible Tools...
                                         Just Click Here For Your Free 12 Day Trial Of Market Samurai

                          .....There's no obligation to buy unless you are fully satisfied...

Feel free to leave a comment to let me know how much you love Market Samurai.

To your Online Success!


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Sunday, June 29, 2014

SEO Tips For Out Of this World Ranking Results

SEO Tips To Launch Your Website to Online Success

Without a doubt getting better Search Engine ranking results for your website is the number one goal for greater online success.

Just by applying a few simple easy to follow SEO Tips,   you can expect to see some positive results in almost no time at all.

By following a few simply SEO Tips your website could reach the Stars
Image  RocketFire by Kakinsky  - image url

The simple fact is that,   "Everybody" who wants more success online,  needs to find a way to get more traffic (visitors) to their website.

The best way to achieve this is to then get your website posts ranked up near the top of the search engines,  using very basic easy to follow SEO tips.

I have written many posts about the importance of getting a top Google Search Engine ranking,  and this is something I strongly believe in.

SEO TIPS to Get our Website Search Engine Ready

SEO Tips  (1).   Check For Broken Links Internal - External 

If your website has Broken links or bad link structure,   this could have a major impact on your websites performance. 

When people visit your website,  the last thing they wish to encounter is broken links that don't take them to where they are being directed.   

This would stop people being able to navigate your website's inner pages(Internal Links)  and  this would mean less inner page views(and a much higher bounce rate ) for your website. 

Having Broken " External Links"  is just as serious a problem,  and can have quite an impact on a websites performance and ranking.  

If your visitors are expected to navigate away from your website(via an external link) to view information that is related to your post,   they will not be pleased to find a "Page Not Found" error,   or,  end up being diverted somewhere else. 

So please check for any broken links on your website.  

Here's a great free Broken Link checker called Xenu's Link Sleuth which is quite a powerful tool for detected broken links.

SEO Tips (2)  Check Your Website's Page Loading Speed

A slow loading website could spell total disaster for the Website owner,   not to mention the frustration it would cause to your potential visitors. 

Imagine somebody finding your website post in the search engines, or clicking through to another interesting article on your website.   They click on the link and are stuck there watching " Waiting and waiting" for the page to load up.

There have been so many websites I have really wanted to visit,  yet, I changed my mind after waiting for a lifetime for site site to open and the page to load up.  

Check out your website's page loading speed,  and if it's slow try to speed it up.  

Here's a free website speed tester on the website.  it also shows you many interesting website statistics regarding site performance. 

SEO Tips (3) Before writing your post do Keyword Research.

My own personal opinion is that,  " Proper Keyword Research " is the backbone of  our efforts to improve  a website's search engine ranking.  

Through my extensive experience with websites and working on YouTube,   I have found that keyword research can save you a lot of wasted time and effort.....when done the right way

...and I have wrote about the importance of Keyword research for top Ranking results in many of my posts(this post was done using the old Google Keyword Tool --now the Adwords Google Keyword Planner,  and the images are a bit hard to read).

Authors Note:   Before you decide on what topic / subject /you wish to write about,  you would benefit from doing some Keyword research firstly.

Some (Topics or subjects)  are quite competitive,   and  you may find it quite difficult to rank your website  up near the top of the search engine results. 

Use the free Adwords  Google Keyword Planner  or you can also use any other free Keyword research tools out there.   Traffic Travis also Has a Free Keyword Seo Software Tool 

With Keyword Research it takes some time though,  it's worth the effort. 

SEO tips for Keyword Research.  

Look for High volume /  low competition Keywords.  

You have the choice between using   / exact match results/   broad match /   Phrase match /   keyword results. 

Authors Notes:

   If you use the exact match keyword option,  this means that you are shown only the results for the " exact Keyword term"  if you use the "phrase match"  and "broad match options"  you are shown keywords that do not really match your original keyword(are often not even close)  but this actually gives you many more Keyword choices,  and many of those keywords can be less competitive,  and / or easier to rank for. 

SEO Tips (4)  On Page Optimization for Better Ranking

Have your main Keyword(s) in Your Post Title 

In your posts Headers,  and spread out in your post's text.  

Do not overuse your Keywords in your posts,  as it may look bad when Google spiders(checks) your website...and your website may be considered as a low quality spam site.  

A proper(acceptable) Keyword Density (Percentage of Keywords to Text ratio)  is somewhere between 2% to 5 % .

Authors SEO Tips - Special Note:   

Remember to use Variations of Your Keyword throughout your post.   This presents a more natural look,  and it increases the chances of your site ranking for a number of related Keyword Search terms.  

Here's a great Keyword Density checker on the SEO Book website.   this tool is really great for showing you the keyword density of any website you choose.  

SEO Tips (5)  Write Quality Content - Write For Your Visitors

Quality is hard to define and is Subjective,  so what is high quality to one person,  may be considered poor quality to another.

Though,  for the sake of writing quality content for our website's,   we can say that quality content is content that is:

well written and engaging to read

free of errors (spelling and grammar

easy to read and written clearly(better to use a larger font for your body text)

One Mistake I have made before is to NOT HAVE OUR AUDIENCE IN MIND  when we are writing our posts.  

Yes,  it's fun to be passionate about the things we love,  and it's great to show that passion and love in our posts...

Though,  we should not let our passion for what we are writing let us get carried we can soon drift off,   and leave our visitors(audience)  behind us....

As if we are writing just for the sake of seeing our words on a page!

So,  when writing posts we should Think " WE not ME"

SEO Tips (6)  Get Social For Better Search Engine Ranking.  

There's no way around it.  Social Factors now play a large part in how well websites and YouTube Channels perform.

How effective they are depends on who you talk to,   and how you use various social Member and Bookmarking sites to improve you online success. 

From my own experience,  the simple act of signing up for sites like

can help to drive a very healthy amount of traffic to your Youtube channel or your website.  

There is also the added bonus of engaging with like minded people and this in turn ,  will help to boost your and your websites( or YouTube channel)  social profile, by acting as a promotional vehicle.

Authors Notes:   Do not get to carried away with Joining Social Sites,   as they can take up way to much of your time.
Just Join a few that you like and find enjoyable,  then  possibly set a daily time limit so you do not waste to Much time.  

I had to scrap a few of my Social Accounts(Or I stopped using them) as I was spending more time on those sites than actually getting work done on my websites(s) and YouTube Channels)

SEO Tips (7) Stay Motivated And Press On to Your Success 

Well,  the fact is that,  if you are spending countless hours engaged in the writing of  posts,  and you then spend more hours on top of this,  doing Keyword  research,  on - page optimization,  engaging on social sites,  and just about everything else we do to "Get the Word Out there"about our websites(or YouTube Channels)......

...............then after all that hard work we are not seeing anywhere near the kind of results we had hoped for,   
This can really sap(drain) our Motivational levels,   and this could soon impact our ability to maintain the same level of commitment.....

...............and this would lead to less output (less posts)  and lower quality posts.....

We could soon lose all interest in what we are doing and may wish to quit altogether.   

Stay Motivated!   Stay Motivated!   Stay Motivated!

Here's a post I wrote a while back that talks about the Importance of Staying Motivated to Achieve Our Goals...(Hope you Like It)

Yes there will be times you may wish to quit,  though,   remember that famous saying.

"Success is often just around the next Corner"

So "stick to it"  Stay Motivated   and follow these SEO Tips and we shall soon be hearing all about your Great Search Engine ranking results and the improved Online Success this has brought you! 
Feel free to leave a comment and let us know about your own personal favorite  SEO Tips,  let us know what worked best for you!

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Buy Website Traffic Yes or No?

Buy Website Traffic Online Success Secret?

Though we are told over and over again that buying Traffic( or website visitors)  from third party sites is against  Google's TOS(terms of service) ...

The fact is that,   people are buying a shitload of both website and YouTube views and visitors,  and it's the reason many of them are outranking their competitors and raking in the cash!

Image by Dantada at Morguefile : Image uri

Firstly,  as a disclaimer I strongly appose the buying of visitors, views,  subscribers, shares, etc. 

Not just because of the fact that it's against Google's TOS(Terms of Service) and can get your website or YouTube Channel DE indexed or your YouTube Channel closed.

Here's a nicely written article called 3 reasons not to buy website traffic  -  written by Zsolt Bicskey on the blog. 

Zsolt raises some very powerful points,  both for and against the use of paid traffic.

"Okay,  I do agree that it kind of sucks that you cannot buy visitors or views from third party companies,   yet,   you can go and blow thousands of dollars running a Google Ad words campaign to get visitors and clicks on your website  or YouTube Channel,   and Google will just love you for it"!

On top of all that,   you may not even make any money from all those thousands of dollars you just handed over to Google.

I have written many posts before that can help you with search engine ranking,  and by doing it the proper way...

Here's an article I wrote called  Top Google Search Engine Ranking Optimization which has some very useful and effective tips to rank high in the Google search results and get  "REAL" website traffic,  so you won't need to buy website traffic( visitors).

Though,   the facts are the facts,  and the fact is,   people are buying Mountains of views,  visitors,  subscribers,  etc. ........from third party sites,   and they are killing it in the search results and in their
bank accounts.

"So how and where did I discover that people(often your competitors ) were buying bucket loads of web traffic"?

YouTube - Where Whoever Buys the Most web Traffic Wins

Since I started out on websites,  SEO website ranking, etc. and then got into Video creation and all that YouTube stuff,   my natural instinct to " Analysed the crap out of everything"  kicked in!

It all started when I was checking out a few YouTube channels that came out of nowhere,  and in no time at all,  they were outranking my videos,  not to mention pulling in a flood of visitors and views,  and they also gained thousands of Subscriber's   " faster than the wind from a Ducks Backside"

WOW! That fast?.............  You betcha!  

After running some ranking and site (Youtube video) Analysis on a number of channels,  I noticed some really strange stuff.

  Strange,   as in the YouTube channel owner having gained millions of views and tens of thousands of new YouTube Subscribers in a very, very short time frame.

         It's called Buying third party web Traffic!

Yep! Didn't I get a huge "kick in butt" when I caught on to what was happening!

So to answer the question "Should you buy website Traffic"?

Don't ask me!   Go ask your Competitors who are buying shitloads of website traffic and Outranking the pants Off you!

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Friday, March 23, 2012

What is the Best Blog Post Length?

Know what length your blog posts should be.
Just how long should a blog post be?  I think that it is something quite important, though,  often overlooked.  I think everyone has had the experience of looking back over their previous posts,  and thinking,  " That's way too short"! Or "That post goes on forever"!

Check out   Seth Godins Blog showing that even ultra short posts can work(If you're Seth Godin, Of Course)  This is a great Blog done on the typepad Platform.

Though,  as far as Blog post length is concerned,  it is the exception to what I have seen out on the web,  not the rule. 

Although,   there does not seem to be any set of rules to follow,  a too short or too long Blog post would probably have a noticeable affect on a blogs(Websites) success.

Most of us when reading articles and blog posts online,  would make our own decisions on what seems " Just about the right length" of a blog post(Article).  It's through our experience. 

Also,  we should write our blog posts with our audience in mind.  If we are not writing to engage our readers and to keep them interested,    then our post length, short or long,  won't matter at all....

Though,  what about our own Blog posts length? 
Are we writing them too short or too long?  And if so,  what should we do to fix this?
If visitors are greeted by a "Wall of Words" they may be put off by this.

Maybe they will skim over the article,  looking for certain information.
Or,  they may feel it's just too much work(To hard to read through) so they click to exit the site.
On the other hand.
If your visitors are met with "Thread bare Articles" (Posts with hardly any content,  and often very short) they may think the blog or website has nothing to offer.

They may also believe that the author of that blog or website,  has very little understanding of the topic they are writing about.   

So,  what can we do to make sure our Blog posts( articles) are the right length to get the best possible results for our Blog or website?

(1) For Too Short Blog Posts
For the" Too Short post" Our first thoughts are to either add new content,  or stretch(Add Padding ) to the existing content.
This usually works if done correctly.  Though,  if you just add words to "fill in the gaps" or to reach a certain number of words(Word count)  you will end up with a poorly written article.

Here's an example of what I would consider a too short post.
Link here> Too short post example   (Note:  I had over trimmed about 60% of the original content)The post had plenty of images and instructions but was too hard to follow.  It went from too long to too short.

AlsoIf you find your posts are too short you may need to do a little more research on the topic of your post.
That way,  whatever you do add will be of use to your readers,  and will fit in with your posts topic(A little bit of research can really work magic for a blog post).

(2) For Too long posts   
Here's an example of a too long Blog  post  Link here> Too long post example 
Hard to believe but I cut at least 30% of content from that article whilst editing it.  Yet,  it is still on the long side.

So what should we do for long posts. 
For the "Too long Blog Post "  we would probably go through a number of edits(Shortening sentences,  removing content,  adjusting the format of the page).  
This will work fine,  if done properly.  Though,  if the article is very long,  it may be better to break it up into two smaller posts.
You can do this by either going through the article editing and polishing,  as  you read.
Once you are finished,  and if all the content matches your post topic,  you now have two well written posts on that subject.

So you then have a spare post(On that topic) that you can either keep for a later date,  or publish around the same time and link the two articles together.
On the other hand you may find that,  a lot of the post content can not be fitted in(It just does not match properly).

Sometimes what you may find is that "Whole Paragraphs" do not match the article.
With those " None Matching Chunks"  it is sometimes better to remove the whole paragraph(Copy and paste it) then use it for another article(Post).

A word of caution { Do Not Delete Your Content}
Even if your content looks quite bad,   it is usually far easier to polish and edit that content to make it suitable.
If  the content is so bad that your edits and polishes can not help it,  then it would probably be better to delete it.
Deleting your content should always be the very last option. 

Getting your Blog posts to the perfect length to ensure the best results,  will take some time.
Though,  the benefits that your Blog or website receive in the long run,  will be worth all the effort. 

"Are you having trouble deciding on the length of your Blog posts"?
"Do you find it difficult to know what content to remove,  and what content to keep in your posts"? 

Let me know your views about " Blog post length" with your comment below.

Your comments are both welcome and appreciated.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Google Seo Over Optimization will get You Penalized

Google Penalty For Over Optimizing Your Website

Google has announced it will be rolling out another Algorithm update,  this time focused on punishing sites that have over optimized.  Going by  Matt Cutts,  the go to man at Google,  the whole idea of this algorithm update,   is to create a more level playing field  that will put more  emphasis on quality content,  and less emphasis on sites that have relied heavily on SEO optimization.

We need to note here:   This is not the first Website Over optimization SEO penalty from Google.  Going by one site I visited,   they(Google) started this type of penalty back around 2005(possibly earlier) .

Also,  going by what I have just read on a few sites,   it seems that even the most common forms of onsite optimization,  have a strong chance of bringing a penalty.  

My believe is that,    Google  SEO  is now treated as  Black hat  SEO. What I mean by this is,  most of the "Good SEO Practices we have been told to follow"  to keep on the good side of Google,  won't apply anymore.

Now!  Things like Internal linking of your website(linking to your inner pages--cross pages) and    doing constant editing to improve your content could be considered   " Over aggressive SEO optimization.   

Here's a nice article about the Google update,  over at   written by Joseph Foley... about Google's announcing the over optimization penalty.     

If you can,  read down to the end of the article.  Joseph  includes some funny stuff to lighten things up a little.

Compared to previous Algorithm updates,  I think there are differences in this latest Algorithm update penalty,  as far as how our sites will be affected.

Unlike the usual penalties for things like Keyword stuffing(using too many keywords throughout content) duplicate content,  and of course,  having large numbers of links from link farms etc.,  this latest site penalty is punishing simple "every day" on page optimizations,  such as your internal linking,  etc.

 What About All that Website Optimization Advice?

This goes against all that advice we have been fed over the years,  regarding the importance of optimizing our sites. 

We spend so much time doing keyword research to rank  high in the Google search results.
 and now we really have to ask ourselves,  has it been,  or is still all just a big waste of time?
The end conclusion would be that all website optimization would be pointless.  It would simply be a waste of our time,  as there would be no rewards in our Google search ranking results,  and we may even suffer a  Google Penalty for all our hard work.

So,  we would be better off just writing up a nice post and doing zero keyword research or SEO optimization(Unless of course,  Google still secretly does reward our SEO optimization efforts  for improvement.).

Over at Search engine Land,  Barry Schwartz  has an interesting article about the Google Over optimization Penalty. 

He has included a 2009 video where Matt Cutts from Google says there is no such thing as an Over optimization penalty.

That contradicts what has been discussed elsewhere,  whereby,  Google put penalties in place for this pre 2009(around 2005).  Sometimes I wonder if we should really trust anything that Google tells us, anyway.

Something else we need to really thing about here!

What was it you were told was often the reason why a website did not rank very well? 

What about Under Optimization of Our Websites?  

That's what I would hear all the time!   "Oh,  the sites performed badly as it was under optimized(not optimized enough) "    I have heard this " Your site is under-optimized"!  a thousand times more than I have ever heard  "  Hey,  your site is over optimized"!

Unless of course,   it was already an "Unspoken rule"  that an over-optimized site,  was considered to be a " Black Hat SEO" optimized site.
If you read that funny part of Joseph Foley's   article that I linked above,  I think you will not only laugh out loud,  you will also probably say to yourself,  "  Hey!  That makes a lot of sense"!

If you did not see the article it basically included a mock up conversation between Matt Cutts and Joe(Joseph Foley.)  whereby,  no matter what question Joe asks to try to understand the new Google over optimize penalty,  Matt gives Joe,    the run around.......

So what are your thoughts on Google's new Seo Over-optimization Penalty?

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Google Seo Equals Black Hat Seo

Google Seo Rules You Followed May Now Be Black Hat

Well,  so much for all that "You must do this to improve your Google search engine rankings to achieve greater success!

What are you saying,  Daniel?   You may be thinking just that.  Though,  it seems Google's Seo rules,  and Seo practices in General,  are now considered a bad practice according to Google.

So,  now it seems,  according to the reasoning behind Google's latest Algorithm update, all those above the board(legit,  white hat seo) methods that we have made an integral part of our work(plan,  schedule) to help us achieve improved Google search engine ranking results,  are now looked upon by "Google" as another form of Black Hat Seo.     

There is a lot of Discussion Going on about this.

One Discussion that I am involved in over at Webpronews,  an article by Chris Crum called Google is Working on Making Seo Matter Less. 

After going and reading other discussions about this topic,  then looking at all possible angles,   there is really no other way of putting it.

Google Seo' ed Site No Better Than A Black Hat Seo'ed Site

And what is even worse is that unlike yours or my site that will now be punished for following the never ending list of Seo rules that Google "Demands"  you must follow,   "REAL BLACK HAT SEO "  Sites are being totally ignored.  And some of those sites are "Cemented to page one"  in the Google search results.

Here's my comment(I will be adding a few  more across the web about this) from that Web pro news article linked above........

"With all due respect, Google hasn’t got a clue!

There are sites perched on top of the Google search results, for high quality keyword terms, that have taken “Black hat” tactics, to a whole new level. And those sites are cemented to page one.

When I saw what one particular site done, I nearly fell off my chair.

As to that site, if Google can not even pick up on this particular glaringly obvious technique, then it would prove what I have suspected for quite some time(Google actually rewards Black Hat seo).
I have been to reputable sites within my niche(topic) where the webmaster openly admits on their about page, of how they used the most hard core style online scam/black hat seo methods.
And that person is highly respected, and is a regular guest poster on Authority sites(in that niche).

Yet, conversely, sites doing nada black hat style activities, are penalized by Google(sometimes severely) in the rankings, with not a single justifiable reason.

The take away from this?

Either Google has not got a clue, or possibly, Black hat seo has become an essential practice to ensure a sites success!"

So now if you really weigh it all up,  Google has Blurred the Line between Black Hat Seo practices and what is/was considered acceptable Seo practices to the point where there may no longer be any real difference.

Unless of course,  if you wish to now refer to acceptable "White Hat Seo"  as "Grey Hat Seo" 

Think of it this way!

What is Black Hat Seo?  In both theory and practice,  it is a form of over aggressive(zealous) application of Seo methods...... punished(supposedly) by Google.......

What is acceptable so called " White Hat Seo" ?  An endless collection of Google Seo methods that,  if not applied and adhered to are punishable(supposedly) by Google.

Google White Hat Seo + Black Hat Seo = Grey Hat Seo

Though,  probably an unusual way of looking at it.  If Black hat Seo methods are not being properly monitored by Google and punished,  and the so called acceptable Google Seo methods(White hat seo) are to be monitored(and punished in the rankings).

Then this could be construed(interpreted) to mean that things are no longer simply "Black & White"  so to speak.

"That would mean that both Google's so called acceptable Seo methods and the so called(must avoid) Black hat Seo methods,  could now both be considered  as  "  Grey Hat Seo " .

You know!  That grey area where the line between right and wrong(Good or bad) where  Google Seo or Black Hat seo practices are so Blurred,  that it no longer really applies.  As differences between the two would no longer be distinguishable(noticeable). 

This would result in Google Seo being no Different than Black Hat Seo.    

I will be adding an update post,  regarding this topic,  as it is something I do believe is quite an important issue.  

What are your thoughts on Google's latest update on applying Seo rules?

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Time Management Activities: For Your Website And Your Life

Time Management Activities:Make The Most Of Your Time

You only have so much time in a day.  There is really no way around it.  So without a  proper  time management Activities plan,   you may soon find yourself spending way too much time optimizing and tending to your website,   but leaving no time over for other important life activities.

Also you need to have a strong motivation to ensure success ,  and  keep yourself from falling back into old time wasting patterns. 

"The simple fact is,  we can sometimes waste way too much time on our websites that,  with proper time management,  that time could be utilized in far more productive ways." 

Even the simple act of having a schedule and having a "set amount of time" put aside,  whether a schedule for how often you should publish your blog posts,  for editing, doing  keyword seo research,  promoting your latest post,  etc.,   can go a long way to getting back some of that lost time.

A Key To Time Management Activities Is To "Do It Now" !

That's the part most of us get hung up on!  We jump on our Chair in Front of our Computers with a whole head full of ideas we wish to get on the page,  waiting for some magical inspiration to guide us through the writing,  only hours later,  we are still staring at a blank page on the screen.

This is not the way it works.

The best way to really make the most of our time management activities,  is to follow the wise words of Steve Pavlina in his Personal Development for smart people,   and to Do It Now! 

Your Time Is in A Limited Supply:  Don't Waste It!

One of the worst things is to allow too much time to be frittered away,   only to realize later on you are now engaged in a race against time.

"From my own personal experience:  When I have had my daily activities properly time managed and when using the  " Just Do It " approach,   I was able to get an incredible amount of activities completed,  and I had plenty of time to spare".    

On other occasions,  if I did not buckle down and get to work on the things I wanted to complete,   I would find that days or weeks had passed without the tasks having even being started!

What can happen is that within time,   this can start to cross over into other areas of our lives if we are not careful.

Soon the time wasting can become(form into) a habit,  if we are not careful.  In many cases we will not even realize it,  until it has become seemingly to hard to change. 

"So it's very important to "Grab the bull by the horns" as early as possible and to conquer(tackle) this time wasting behaviour - Head on!

An Effective Time Management Activities plan can stop time wasting in it's tracks,  and help you to take back control of your time,   and your life.   

What are your thoughts on time management Activities for your website and your life?

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Most People Quit Blogging Within The First 3 Months. What About You?

What Makes These Bloggers Give Up After 3 Months?

That's the reality of it.  the majority of people give up in under three months. They either delete their Blogs, or no longer maintain them.  There would be a number of reasons for someone to decide to do this. Though,  is it always the right thing to do?

Is Blogging Worth The Effort?
If you are spending a great amount of time working to get targeted traffic to your website and you are not getting any nearer to the goals you have set,  this could sooner or later lead to a person throwing the towel in(Giving up).

Or maybe if you no longer have the time to keep up with the constant writing of posts,  editing,  Promoting your Blog(site) across the social networks,  learning and applying all the latest Blogging trends(must do's).

Still others would have started Blogging for fun,  or a " Hobby".   Soon the fun has worn off  and eventually they lose interest,  altogether.

Many people would have heard that "To succeed in Blogging is easy" . Soon they realize that this is not the case. 

It Can Feel Like You Are Going In Circles
A number of people would have found themselves asking " What am I wasting my time doing this for"?  They would feel like they have been doing everything possible to gain success with their blog,  but they just end up back where they started.

They have not made any progress. The fact is,  it happens to everyone.  Who hasn't felt like quitting Blogging(Or anything else) at one time or another?

Stick ability Makes All The Difference
Ask any of the top Bloggers out there(Or any ultra Successful person in any field) and they will tell you that they wanted to quit all the time.  But they didn't.

They may have felt like quitting but they toughed it out,  and made their mark.

When people get discouraged if things are not going their way,  the easiest thing to do is quit.
But is it the right thing do?

Aren't we told all the time by our parents, our teachers and all those Motivational Guru's  that

 " The best time to push forward harder is when you feel you want to quit"  Something like that,  anyway. Motivation truly is the secret behind Successful online entrepreneurs.

Persistence Pays Off
Look at it this way.  If you hang in there,  and keep yourself motivated to keep working on your Blog beyond that first three Months,   you will have already shown yourself to be someone who sticks it out.

You will have proven yourself to be a non quitter.  You will also now be part of a special group who has gotten past the toughest hurdle in Blogging.

Also,  that experience you gain by pushing through,  will give you an advantage over anyone just starting out.  Experience is priceless(Well, so they say)!   

That effort on your part,  will have put you in the same select group of  people who haven't quit  every time they felt like it.  This is the missing ingredient(For Success) that if you apply it,  you will go on to be successful.

It is something  we all possess,  though,  not very many people will make the best use of it.   You are probably doing a lot better than you realize,  anyway.   So maybe the best thing for you to do,  is to just stick to it. 

Are you thinking of  quitting Blogging,  or just plain bored with it?

Pop a comment in to let me know how you feel about this. 

Your comments are always welcome and  appreciated,  and will be responded to.

Even better still!

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How I Became A Six Figure Blogger In 6 Months.

How it all began.
Well,  it all started late last year.  I had just been retrenched from full time employment.  Due to my  circumstances at the time,  my choices of work were limited.  I only had a small amount of money from that job(Long service) to keep my head above water.  Soon that money ran out,  and I was faced with a pile of bills growing bigger by the day.

Sink or swim
I tried a number of things.  I applied for jobs I had no experience in,  whatsoever.  When I turned up for work,   I used the old "Fake it till you make it."  approach.  I pumped myself up trying to lift up my confidence.  Well,  that didn't work.  I managed to last anywhere from a few days to a week tops,  before the wheels fell off (They realized I didn't have a clue).

Try something new(But what)?
During this period I already had been toying with the idea of working from home.  The most obvious considering I spent so much time on my PC,  was an online business. But which one?  I didn't know anything about affiliate programs, online marketing,  even less about SEO.

The turning point.

The turning point came when I started to read articles by many of the top online entrepreneurs.  This soon led to my reading a lot of the articles written by the top Bloggers(The six figure Bloggers).  At first I was over the moon. I mean,  I didn't know people could even make that sort of money from a Blog or Website.

The learning curb
Well,  the excitement soon wore off.   After setting up a number of Blogs(site) in certain niches,  I found myself  working anywhere from 8, 10, 12 even 16 hours a day.  And the worst part was,  for all that work I was making next to nothing. I did everything possible.  I optimized every single page on all my sites to get the best results possible. Why were my results so bad for all that effort I was putting in?

A change was in the wind
While I was so caught up with wanting to get instant success,  I didn't even notice. My stats(Page views, visitors, page impressions, CTR, etc)  had been making dramatic improvements,  and were continuing to do so.  At this point I did a lot of experimenting with my ad-sense adds,  to get the best possible results. I also did a lot of keyword research and applied what I had learned.

Show me the money 
I finally received my first ad-sense check!  You would have thought I had won the lottery if you had seen my face when I opened that envelope and was holding the check in my hand.  I still have that first Ad-sense check to remind me of all the hard work I had to do just to earn it.  Rather than slacken off,  I doubled my efforts. I did almost twice the amount of writing posts,  I had been doing before. I also made sure I did a lot of background research on my topics to make those posts of the highest quality(Content is King , yes)?

 Free at last(Well, almost)
At this point,  and within the following few Months my results started to snowball.  It was as if all the work I had been doing before finally came together. It finally all clicked.  Soon I was getting regular checks, the number just kept increasing.  And now today I have achieved what I had thought in the beginning would be impossible.

After six Months of Gut breaking work,  doing everything possible.

I have finally achieved my dream of becoming a Financially independent(Six Figure) blogger.

"Okay,  Disclaimer time"!  The truth is, I am not a six figure Blogger. This post is more of a hypothetical story of what many people would like to achieve, or are currently moving towards with varying results.. Though, their circumstances are different to my character in my little story,  I am sure this is a very familiar experience for many.

The real facts.
Many of the experiences(Lost job,  financial problems back then) in the story I have already been through,  which is what led me into Blogging in the first place. Although,  just like in the story,  I looked into a number of other Money making ideas firstly,  before seeing the great potential that setting up Blogs(websites) and monetizing them possessed.  

This story is not meant to mislead
It's purpose is pure entertainment.  In fact, apart from the six figure results,  much of the story is identical to the Blogging path I have followed and am still on today.

I spend quite a few hours every day
I do as much as I can every day,  to improve my blogs(sites).  It's still not perfect. I still make plenty of mistakes(Though, as long as I learn from them,  then it's fine by be).    I have actually seen some incredible results, lately.  Nothing special compared to the top Bloggers out there. Though,  some of my sites have made huge jumps in the rankings.  If they continue at that pace,  I should be seeing some really impressive results within a few months. And that should also bring with it some respectable financial returns,  as well.

I hope you enjoyed my article (Hey! I wrote it with you in mind) .

Well,  I will keep you all posted on my results.

Feel free to let me know about your experiences on your own road to Blogging success. 

Your comments are both welcome and appreciated.

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Rank High using the Google External Keyword Tool

The Google External Keyword Tool Works!

Using The free Google External Keyword Tool to find appropriate keywords for  high Google Search Ranking,  is not that difficult.   If you are willing to spend enough time sorting through the lists of keywords, then researching your final choices,  you can achieve some very good ranking results in Google search.

If you want to Rank High in the Google Search Engine Results for your Keywords,  it will depend on how much work you are willing to do with Google's external Adword Keyword tool. Finding the right Keywords is one of the most important things you can do for the success of your Blog or website.  Many Successful websites and Blogs,  had(Have) a list of targeted keywords, even before thinking about starting their website.

Applying proper Keyword research,  is very important.  And will save you a lot of  hassles later on.

Firstly before you start doing Keyword research using the Google external Keyword tool,  make sure you are following the Golden Rule for Keyword research and Search engine Ranking.

Why Google's free External Keyword Tool you ask?  Because many of the Best Keyword and Seo tools are using the Google External Keyword tool to collect their data from(Of course you will get far more information provided to you if you sign up for a Google Adwords account.).

Yes,  the paid tools have a whole lot of other functions, as well.  Though, many of the Paid tools  can take a really long time returning their search data(Because they have to get it from the Google Adword external Keyword tool).

So by the time you have done a ton of keyword research Using the Free Google Keyword tool,  many of the paid keyword programs are not even 1/2 way in getting your search results data for you.

Google is the Biggest search engine out there,  and it should be your main target to put your Keyword research into action. If done properly you should be able to bring in some really decent traffic to your blog or website and achieve a high Ranking as well..

Keywords that get Best results for High Ranking

If you want the best results using the Google External keyword tool,  you need to do a fair amount of  Research on which keyword terms you can target,  that are bringing in lots of traffic but do not have much competition.  Some Keyword search terms are being dominated by many of the big websites and Blogs who have ranked high(Page one) for those Keyword terms for quite a long time now. .. 

To even get close to competing with these sites for those terms,  you will need to optimize your Post(Copy) as much as possible.  If you go and set up your Blog posts around those Keyword terms,  without putting in a huge amount of work,  you will not rank high for those keyword terms,  and probably be stuck back on page five or ten or....who knows!  

So to get the best results you want to target keywords that will Rank your posts up on page one of the search engines(Especially Google) that will also bring you some decent traffic numbers as well. 

Seek Profitable Keywords With The External Keyword Tool

Don't target some vague quite long Google Keyword terms from the External Keyword tool. You will end up on page one for Google.  Maybe on top of page one.  But guess what?  Hardly anyone will even know your article is there. The problem is you will not get hardly any visitors. 

Why?  because those keyword terms have almost no traffic value.....

What about Long tail Keywords?  

This post is not really about Long Tail Keywords,  though I think it's important to give a brief explanation about them. 

Long tail keywords have much lower search volume(less traffic for your site) though, they are much easier to rank up on page one in Google search results.

If you wish to collect a large number of long tail keywords that are less competitive,  though easier to rank on page one in Google search results,  you can do that also.

Long tail keywords can often be multiple strings of words,  with very low search volume.
The beauty of the Long tail keywords is,  usually if you are ranking for one keyword term,  you will also be ranking for a whole collection of similar(and not so similar terms)
The combined search volume of all those low volume long tail keywords then accumulates giving you a decent amount of search volume.

And because Long tail keywords are far easier to get on top of page one in Google search,  they can generate some consistent long term traffic and exposure for your website..  

Though,  even with those long tail type keywords,  it's important to ensure you  are still going to get a reasonable amount of traffic to your website.

Whether you go after Long-tail keywords or high volume Keywords( more competitive Keywords)  is  fine.   

Please don't  waste your time on Keywords that are not worth Ranking for.  If you do chase after those keywords, you will have achieved the highest Ranking in Google Search but you will not get any rewards for doing this.

Why?  Because the Keywords you have used have next to zero people using those search terms in Google search.  Some of the Keywords terms people use may not even show up when being Analyzed with keyword research tools. 

What does that all mean? 

It means:         "You need to do some Google Adword External keyword tool research"

Authors note: 

For this article we are using the standard Google external keyword tool. 

If you have a Google Account you can log(sign in) to the Google Adword External keyword Tool.  This will offer you far more information than the standard Google external keyword tool. 

Here's a screenshot showing you the extra information,  like
Ad share,  Google search Network, Search Share,  Approximate CPC (Search)Extracted from Website, and more.    

 You will notice some of those features are not present for the standard Google external Keyword tool.  Though, we are mainly looking for Good Search volume.  

Once you find some decent quality Keywords using the Google keyword tool,  it's then time to check out how much competition
there is. 

Before we start our Google Keyword Research to rank high for quality Keyword terms, here are two links to very useful Google tools that will give you plenty of help in choosing the best Keywords to target.

(1).  Google Trends.

(2). Google Insights

Both of those tools can take a lot of the guess work out of making Keyword Choices.

Now for our Google Keyword research.

Which brings us to.    Google's Free External Ad-word(Keyword ) Tool

Google's Keyword tool is not perfect.  Though, as far as free Keyword Research tools go,  you can achieve some great results.  If you put some extra effort into it.   

The main thing as I mentioned earlier,  is to make sure you target Keywords in the "Hitting Zone".  Go for Keywords that you can  get your posts up on page one,  and bring in some decent traffic as well.

Using the Google External Keyword Tool
Take a look at the following example: 
(1)Firstly,  after typing in the Keyword term "Start a Blog" in the Word or Phrase box,  you  fill out a Catch-pa(just copy the jumbled letters into the empty box provided.

(2) You will be shown a list of 100 Keyword Ideas(2 pages).

(3)  {Notice I have ticked the Broad[Shown with brackets] and Exact boxes on the left under Match Types}
This is very important to give you an idea of the different number of searches depending if you use an exact or broad search term.

We need to target exact Match search results.  This will give you a far more accurate idea of the amount of potential visitors,  you could possibly receive.  

Remember though,  even if you are placed at the top of page one for a keyword term in Google search results,  this does not mean you will be getting 100% of the potential traffic.  
You should get somewhere between 35% and 45% of traffic(visitors) when ranked in first place.
So lets have a look at the results for the keyword term  "Start a Blog"


Notice the results for our Keyword search term " Start a Blog"

Broad  search{  201,000 Global Monthly Searches. 

(Broad search is when someone types in different(Though related) search terms.

Broad search examples:  "Starting a blog"   "How to start a Blog"   "Start Blog"    "How to start a blog page" "Creating a Blog"  "Free blog hosting"  

(Notice how the Broad search term examples even contain terms such as free blog hosting---which is in no way the same as "Start a blog" but it is related.
For example:  You need or want(free or paid) blog hosting when you  "Start your Blog"

Exact Search  { 9,900 Global Monthly  Searches.  

(Exact search is when someone types in the Keyword search term " Start a Blog" with the exact same words in the exact same order(  Start A Blog).
For an interesting Comparison take a look at a Google search using our search term " Start a Blog

The Keyword Term " Start a Blog"  returned  1,680,000,000 results in Google search.
This should help you to understand just how important it is for you to do some Keyword research before writing your Blog Posts.

Think of it this way
Out of 1,680,000,000 pages containing variations of the three words "Start a Blog"  only 9,900 times Globally were the EXACT SEARCH TERM  "START A BLOG"  being searched for.

If you go and check out the first page of the Goggle search results for the Keyword term  "Start a Blog" you can see it looks pretty  competitive,  and may be a little out of reach for new website(blog) owners. 

And yet the keyword term " Start a Blog"  is a very high quality Keyword and get's some really good results (traffic)compared to many other Keyword Terms shown in the 100 Keyword Ideas list.

Note: That huge number of search results for "Start a Blog"  (1,680,000,000) is how many different web pages are out there with the words " Start a Blog" written somewhere in their posts or articles(In one way or another).  So you are competing with that number of pages which contain those words. That's large number of web pages(1,680,000,000)  with the words " start a blog" (In some way or another) makes it quite a difficult Keyword to go after.

So it is very important to refine your Google Keyword research if you want to achieve a high ranking for the best(Or really good) Keyword terms).

Back to Our Google Keyword Research

Take a look at the first page of 50 Keyword Ideas,   of the 100 Keyword search term combinations taken from your original Keyword term  " Start a Blog"
Note:  The keyword ideas with [                 ]   around them are Exact term search results(That's why their numbers are much lower than the other(Broad) results.

What we should be doing when using the Google external  keyword tool,  is going through those 100 examples and finding some keywords to use that are getting some good search results,  but are not to competitive.  

Some Keyword terms like "Start a Blog for Free"   " Why start a Blog"  "Best place to start a Blog"   are  getting fewer searches. So  if you use Exact Keyword terms  like these for Keywords you may struggle to get traffic to your site. 

Another thing that is very important is to make sure you know your real Page ranking in the Google search results for your keyword terms.  
The worst thing you can experience after doing a lot of keyword research,  is to think you are up on page one in Google search,   and it turns out you are way back near page ten or much further.  On the other hand you may have a much better ranking for your keyword terms,  only  you are not being shown very accurate results.  Always check to ensure your posts(keywords) rankings are accurate.  This is very important.

So before you go off to write your next Blog post,  just go and spend a little time doing Google Keyword research first.

The benefits you will receive in the long run surely be worth it. 

Are you happy with your Google Keyword research ?   Feel free to leave your valued opinion below.

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